As A Business Owner, Are You Protecting
All Of Your Assets?


Every business owner knows that asset protection is important. Are you sure that you have all of your business & personal assets protected? See below to verify.

Your Home

Your home is your castle but do you have enough insurance on it in case of a disaster? Do you regularly review your insurance coverage to make sure that it takes into account any changes you may have made to the property or to the value of the property itself?

Health Insurance

Medical bills can get very expensive very fast so health insurance for you and your family is very important. This is an expense that no one likes but almost everyone acknowledges that it is important. When you or a family member isn’t feeling well it will be hard for you to concentrate on building your business.

The Affordable Health Care Act may seem like a hardship to you and your business and it might be but on the flip side is that healthy employees are more productive employees. If their family members are not feeling well, their mind isn’t going to be completely on work so their productivity will drop.

Every time you have an employee that is less productive than usual it is costing you money.

Business Insurance

Do you have business insurance that covers your loss of revenue in the case of a disaster in addition to the loss of merchandise and damage done to the premises?

If you don’t have insurance to cover the loss of revenue, do you have additional income streams that will help you get through those trying times? If not, why not?

Your Reputation

Your personal reputation (integrity) is the only thing that you truly own. Are you doing everything that you can to protect your personal reputation?

Did you know that your business can and should develop its own reputation? A five star business reputation is the best asset that you can have when you try to acquire new customers or when it’s time to sell your business.

Your business reputation is one of the first things that people see when they search your company name or by company type and they quite often make their buying decisions off the reputation that they see.

If your reputation isn’t better than that of your closest competitor, you will probably lose the sale to them without even knowing that someone was looking to do business with you.

Almost two thirds of your customers are looking for you or businesses like you using their smart phone which displays the name, address, phone number and reputation of businesses close to them before all other results.

Enter your information in the box below to see what your business reputation looks like.

As A Business Owner, Are You Protecting All Of Your Assets?
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