All Local Businesses Need High Quality Targeted Leads But…


Not all local businesses are able to convert a high quality lead into a buying customer for a number of reasons. Some of these reasons are:

A Poor Sales Funnel

Some business owners have order takers in place instead of sales people. Order takers are great at writing down the order the customer wants as long as they are given precise instructions on exactly what is desired.

Unfortunately, these people are usually unable to answer any questions that fall outside of the script that they are given and they are usually incapable of doing any kind of up sells.

Bad Reputation or No Reputation

A business that has a bad reputation or no reputation at all is going to have a much harder time converting leads into customers.

The online reputation that people can find for your business when they do a search using Google, Bing or Yahoo will go a long way in showing them whether they can trust you to provide the product or service that satisfies their problem. (If you have a bad reputation or no reputation, your lead is very likely going to call one of your competitor’s that has a good reputation.)

These third-party customer reviews that have been posted by your customers are known as social proof.

In our fast-moving world, digital social proof is quickly replacing or at least supplementing the word-of-mouth advertising that was done prior to the Internet.

Phone Calls Dropped, Missed or Mishandled

Does your office shut down for a set period of time each day for lunch? If so, what is going to happen to the phone calls that come in from hot leads?

Do you think a hot lead with a problem will call back later or do you think they will go to one of your competitors that has someone available to answer the phone?

If a lead with an urgent problem calls and the phone goes unanswered, they get a busy signal or they are immediately put on hold, how likely do you think it is that they will hang up and call a competitor?

Did you know that in some industries 60% of the leads that call a business will never make an appointment to do business if the person answering the phone does not give their name in addition to the name of the company when greeting the caller?

Can the people that answer your telephone adequately answer questions about price, payment options, availability, insurance where appropriate and more?

First impressions are vital in the success of your business.

Your online reputation as shown in local directories, on social media sites and on your company website all help people make a buying decision and the person that answers your telephone is also extremely important in the sales process.

Are you tracking your marketing that’s being done both online and off-line to see which method is generating the leads that you need? Do the people that answer your telephones ask prospects how they found your business?

Do you have call tracking in place so that you know not only were the leads are coming from but how the call is being handled by your staff?

You need a five star reputation in your business that can be used in online marketing and in your off-line marketing so that you can get those highly coveted leads that are ready to do business with you because of your reputation.

Enter your information below to see what your reputation online looks like.

All Local Businesses Need High Quality Targeted Leads But…
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