Permission based marketing is another name for opt in marketing. With this type of marketing, your prospects gives you permission to send them information and advertisements.

The prospect is often bribed to get them to agree to receive messages from you. These bribes can be in the form of a free report, ecourse, gift, valuable information they can use or something they perceive has value.

Many marketers use the Aweber Auto-Responder Service as their delivery vehicle for their messages since Aweber has a message delivery rate of 99.34%.

Once the prospect has opted in to receive your bribe, your job is to start providing a steady supply of useful information that will show your prospect that you care about them and their desires. The goal is to build a trusting relationship with your prospect based on honest communication, respect for them and good information.

People do business with people they know and trust.

By taking the time to teach them some of what you know without asking for anything in return, you are creating an unconscious need for them to reciprocate.

After educating your prospects and gaining their trust, your offer will more than likely receive a better reception than it would have in the beginning.

Make sure you continue providing useful information more often than you send advertisements if you wish to keep your prospect. One way to do this is to write a review of the product you are selling. Make sure you include both the positive aspects of the product AND the negative aspects. NOTHING is 100% good and a review without negatives is seen as an advertisement in disguise.

Permission marketing is thought of as mostly an online thing but that isn’t true. When you call a toll free number for information or a free sample, you are giving that marketer permission to mail ads to you.

Used properly, permission marketing will provide you with faithful customers for a very long time. Treat those customers well and they are going to be more inclined to share their experiences with their friends.

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