Three Things You Need For Business Success Are…

Successful business owners have three things that you need and these are a business plan, focus and consistent action. Here’s why you need these to succeed.

A Business Plan

Your business plan is the tool that you use to guide you to your ultimate destination. You may know why you’re in business and what you ultimately want to achieve.

The business plan that you write is what will help you stay on track to achieve your ultimate goal. Without it, you may deer off your path without knowing it or you may be moving away from your goal because you aren’t measuring your progress.

The best business plan that I’ve ever seen was one where a guy sat down and wrote out an interview like he was a reporter that was interviewing himself about how he achieved the success that he had. During the interview, he started at the level of his imagined success and work backwards through each step that he’d taken along the path.

By working backwards from his ultimate goal, he was able to clearly identify each measuring post along the path to success.

This backward thinking also let him create a path as straight as possible journey from point A to point B with Way stations along the route to let him get his bearings, measure his progress and make any corrections that needed to be made.

If you create your business plan using this backward thinking, you will be able to create a daily schedule of things that you have to do to move one step closer to your goal every day you work. You will know exactly what you are supposed to be doing on any given day at any given moment in time because your schedule will include work time, play time, study time, family time and you time.

You time will let you think about your life and your plan so that you can feel good about the progress you have made, so that you can recharge your batteries for the upcoming challenges and so that you can see whether or not you need to modify your overall business plan to accommodate new goals.


You need to have a laser like focus if you want to succeed. There will be many distractions and naysayers that will try to derail you.

These distractions can come in many forms and some of them are:

  • Webinars that offer some free training in exchange for listening to a product pitch at the end. There are times that these webinars can help you along your path but only if you need the product at that point in time and if you will be able to use it immediately. If you cannot use whatever is being sold immediately, it’s just another shiny object that will slow your progress by distracting you from your goal.
  • Life or family emergencies. These are distractions that must be taken care of but it is important for you to reschedule your work as soon as the emergency is been taken care of so that you get back on track and continue moving forward. (Your family is one reason you should be doing what you are doing so they should always come first.)
  • Naysayers. Naysayers come in many forms and some of these are: family members that don’t believe you can be successful, friends that don’t want you to succeed because they are either jealous of you or they want to keep you at their level and people that do not understand what you are doing and why you are doing it.

There may be other people, events or opportunities that will try to distract you from your goals or that need immediate attention. It’s okay to take care of what has to be taken care of immediately as long as you recognize the need to get back on track, to regain your focus and work schedule as quickly as possible.

Consistent Action

The daily work schedule you create using your business plan shows you what you should be doing and when you should be doing it at any given point on any given day.

If you consistently take action when it is scheduled, you will slowly but surely move closer to your goal.

Failure to take consistent action means that it will take longer to reach your goal or failure to ever reach your goal.

Massive consistent action, even if it’s imperfect, will always trump inconsistent action or no action at all.

Online marketing is as a skill that is acquired and the best way to acquire it is to start learning how to drive traffic to an affiliate offer. Use one traffic source at a time so that you can test the quality of the traffic and the conversions.

You do need to know that different traffic sources generate different conversion rates at different times of the day.

Success means knowing your numbers.

Once you master traffic from one source, you can start testing another traffic source.

The landing page you send your traffic to plays a major role in the conversions and it also has a lifespan.

As an affiliate, you may or may not have more than one landing page that you can drive traffic to so tracking conversions becomes even more important.

Many local business owners that market online do so without the aid of a landing page which is a big mistake. Your company website is usually designed to inform instead of for lead generation.

The point is that you must have a complete plan of action and your sales funnel is part of that plan. If even one piece of the puzzle is missing or is incomplete, no amount of focus or action will help you generate the results that you desire and deserve.

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Three Things You Need For Business Success Are…
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