Is Video Really THAT Important To Your Business?


Many business owners, including me, know they should be using video as part of their business but most cannot grasp why. Here’s why video is important to you.

Instant Gratification

We live in a world where almost everyone wants instant gratification and video provides that desire.

The same information that you convey in a 500 word article can be presented to your prospects in a video that lasts about two minutes and if your video is properly formatted it can be displayed on almost any device.

Please keep in mind that mobile Apple devices do not play flash so it is important to render your video in a format that does not include flash so it reaches the widest viewing audience possible.

Data Retention

The more senses that are actively involved in receiving the information you are imparting to your audience the longer it is retained by us to remember and use.

You only use one sense when you read an article but you use two when you watch a video.

The longer someone remembers what you say the more likely you are to benefit.


For whatever reason, people have a tendency to believe what they see in a video more than they would than if they receive the same data by reading an article.

You probably already know that it’s much easier to make a sale to someone that trusts you than it is to make a sale to someone that doesn’t have that level of trust.

Since your prospects find the content delivered by video more believable, the trust factor in what you are telling them rises in the resistance to your sales message decreases.


In addition to being able to be viewed across multiple devices, you can do things with video that you just cannot easily do with an article even if it includes still images.

Product demonstrations are one example of something that you can do in a video that you can’t do in an article. This type of video is very good at showing prospective customers how the product can be used so they can visualize themselves using your product to solve their problem.

Once they see themselves using the product to solve their problem, you won’t need to sell them because they will justify to themselves their need for your product.

You can use video to get how to tips to teach your customers and prospects different ways your product can be used in the real world.

These free tips will help build your brand, show your expertise on the use of your product and show that you want to be a market leader in your community.

Do not underestimate the power of building your brand, of increasing your likability and increasing trust through regular use of video for your business.

It’s also a good idea to line up four or five customers that would be willing to come in and give you a video testimonial then hiring a videographer to come in for an hour or two to shoot the videos for you.

Video testimonials provided by customers that state who they are, where they’re from, how they benefited from your product or service and why they would recommend your product or service are extremely powerful because prospects can put a real face to the testimonial proving that it’s legitimate.

The reality is that any business that is not currently using video is leaving money on the table. If you are currently using video, please tell us why in the form below.

Is Video Really THAT Important To Your Business?
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