The thirty day challenge is a month long course that teaches you how to make money online selling either products or information. This is the third year this team of professionals has done this for those wishing to learn.

This is free training that surpasses the quality of many online and home study courses that carry a substantial price tag. I didn’t find out about this training until the 3rd week of August and it was live from August 1, 2007 through August 31, 2007 BUT the principles decided to leave this great resource up as a year around teaching guide.

The goal this year was to team people to work in teams of 3-5 people, to teach you how to do market research, how to drive traffic to your site, how to create content and how to convert that traffic into sales. All of this is to be accomplished without spending any money. Everything they taught this year utilizes free tools and Web 2.0 techniques.

Anyone interested in promoting information or products in niches that have nothing to do with internet marketing or MLM, will find these lessons form a great foundation that can be used to build a business on.

Ed Dale, the primary trainer, has a unique approach to teaching that may irritate some people and his love for the Macintosh computer might irritate others but these were the only negatives I found, if you can call them negatives.

Some people made just a small amount, some made none but still others made hundreds or more within the 30 days. I haven’t completed any of the lessons but I’ve watched or read a third of them so far and the information on market research has taught me some tricks I didn’t know that WILL put money in my pocket once I complete the course and start implementing these strategies

I’ll be looking for a team of 5 people, including me, that wish to work together as a mastermind group. We will each take the course and help each other to get the most out of the strategies taught.

If you join the Thirty Day Challenge and are interested in being part of a 5 person team with me, contact me through the contact page on this site. I’ll consider the first 4 people that contact me after joining the challenge.

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