Marketing Your Business Online Is A Never-Ending Task

You must constantly increase your business’s exposure if you wish to maintain your position ahead of your competitors. See why this is true below.

Your marketing campaign can be reverse engineered at any time.

If your primary competitor hires a skilled marketer or acquires the skills themselves, there are tools available online for them to learn exactly what you did to achieve the top position in your marketplace.

With this knowledge, they can duplicate what was done for you or by you and add to it to overtake you and take the top position away from you if all you are doing is just enough to maintain that top position.

If you aren’t constantly increasing your exposure and expanding your authority in your marketplace, one of your competitors will eventually replace you as the market leader in your community.

Increasing Your Exposure

The way or ways that you use to increase your exposure will depend upon whether or not you are a local business or a global business.

One thing the two types of businesses have in common is the need for a 5 star reputation. (You will need a steady supply of 5 star reviews from existing customers to establish and then maintain a 5 star reputation.)

Without a 5 star reputation, it will be almost impossible to establish yourself as a market leader in your niche.

If, however, your business has a good reputation, it will be much easier to establish yourself as a market leader.

When you have the proper system in place, you will be able to gather these vital reviews and then market them through many channels. Some of the channels should include:

  • social media sites
  • video sharing sites
  • image sharing sites (You will have to convert the reviews into a graphic first.)
  • your business website

Another way to increase your exposure is to regularly issue press releases through quality channels every time something newsworthy happens in your business.

Build Your Authority

Regular use of a good press release issued through quality channels will get your business website high quality back links, increased exposure and highly targeted traffic in a short period of time.

The press release will also keep your name in front of potential customers, current customers and the news media.

In many niches, name recognition alone is enough to be an authority because your online competition is so weak.

Every time you market your reputation to multiple social media sites and video sharing sites, you are increasing customer awareness of your business name, of the quality of the service you provide and you are increasing brand recognition without it looking like an advertisement.

Text and video reviews left by your customers on third-party sites such as YouTube, Daily Motion and Yelp will build your business faster and more solidly than you could through advertising.

Think of your business as a living entity. It is both thriving and growing or it is stagnating and decaying.

Let me know below whether you agree or disagree that a business is either thriving and growing or stagnating and decaying.

Marketing Your Business Online Is A Never-Ending Task

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