Do You Use Press Releases With Your Sales Promotions?

You probably already know that a properly run sales promotion can bring more business but did you know that a press release can be used to announce your event?

Sales Promotions

Depending upon the type of store that you run, you may run a sale of some kind almost every week. If the items you put on sale appear in a cycle that your customers can figure out, many of them will wait until the next sale to make a purchase of that item.

If, however, the items that are placed on sale are not in a set pattern and the sales event is unpredictable, you may be able to generate a nice boost in sales.

One of the biggest things that will help your sale be successful is getting enough exposure in your community so people know that the sale is happening.

There are many ways that you can let your customers and your prospects know that you have an upcoming sale and some of these are:

  • signs in the window of your business
  • flyers
  • postcards to existing customers or to a specific geographical area
  • emails sent to existing customers
  • text messages being sent to existing customers
  • an announcement on your website
  • an announcement in your social media feeds
  • a TV commercial
  • press releases

A press release is probably the most affordable way to get the widest exposure for your upcoming sale.

One advantage of a press release is that it can benefit you long after the sale has ended.

Signs, flyers, email, etc. all have limited lifespans but the press release will stay online with a link back to your website long after the sale has ended and this will help your website gain more exposure.

Depending upon how much of the press release writing and distribution you do yourself, the cost of the press release will be the value of your time (if you write it yourself) plus the cost of distribution which could be anywhere from $25-$100 per press release.

If you completely outsource the writing and distribution of your press release, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75-$300 per press release for this service. $125-$150 is a common range for many providers of this type of service.

I highly recommend that you start issuing press releases with every sales promotion, if you aren’t already doing so.

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Do You Use Press Releases With Your Sales Promotions?

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