Do You Rely Heavily On Referral Marketing For Your Local Business?

Are you a local business owner that says your business is built with referrals? If you answered yes, you need to read this article and understand its impact.

Prior to the Internet referral marketing was a one-on-one endeavor or one on a small group.

This meant that help or harm to your business happened slowly.

Back then, people had to call information or pick up the phone book to get the address and phone number of your business. Today, however, people either pull her cell phone out of their pocket and type your company name into the search bar or the use their tablet, laptop or desktop computer to search your company to get your address and phone number.

The image below shows the 1st page of results on Google for the company I researched in Tampa. I highlighted the first 2 organic listings on the page so that you can see what I saw.

local business reputation

The first listing is the company’s website and immediately below that is their reputation on Google, how many reviews have been posted to Google, their address and phone number and the second listing is their star rating on Yelp along with the number of reviews that have been posted there.

Most of the rest of the page is made up of other local directories where they have a presence online.

If someone were to research your company name, would they see your business listed in multiple places online and would they also find multiple customer reviews where you were given a 5 star reputation?

People that are getting the name of your business from referrals frequently do exactly what I did for the business above and that is search for the company name and the city that they are in.

Can you afford to let your competitors show their reputation online and you not have yours out there where the world and potential customers can see it?

Do You Rely Heavily On Referral Marketing For Your Local Business?

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