Search Engine Optimization Is Constantly Changing Or Is It?

Many people think search engine optimization (SEO) is difficult because Google frequently changes the ranking algorithm. Do you find SEO hard? If yes, read on.

The 3 core elements of SEO have not changed and these core elements are:

  • page content
  • on page optimization
  • off page optimization

Some shortsighted webmasters are always trying to game the system to get an advantage over their competitors. This may work for a short period of time but eventually an algorithm update catches them and pushes them so far back they will never be seen.

If you pay attention to the Google Webmaster tools and follow those guidelines, you can usually avoid these ‘slaps’.

Page Content

Forget about targeting specific keywords and keeping track of keyword density like you did in the old days.

Instead, focus on the topic you are presenting to your reader and let the keywords and their synonyms flow naturally throughout the content. When appropriate, use video and images to help illustrate the points you cover in your content because people expect their information to come in multiple formats.

There are times when words just are not enough to adequately portray the message you are trying to get across.

Make sure that you optimize your videos and your images because they can be sources of traffic in addition to providing content that can be consumed by your site visitors.

On Page Optimization

On page optimization may include all or some of the following but this list is not complete:

  • using alt tags on hyperlinks
  • using alt tags on images
  • linking out to authority sites that are relevant to the topic being discussed
  • ensuring the page loads fast
  • ensuring the page is mobile friendly
  • linking to related articles that are on your site
  • having engaging content that keeps your visitor on your site

Off Page Optimization

Back linking is not dead!

Some of the tactics that were taught a few years ago and are still being taught by some are useless in today’s SEO environment.

Incoming links still count but they need to be from sites that have content relating to yours and you need a wide variety of anchor text. There is no safe percentage of incoming links that can contain the primary keyword associated with the page you are linking to.

The quality of the incoming link is much more important than the anchor text used, if any is used.

You also need your links to be on a variety of platforms. Your links may be spread across platforms such as:

  • press release sites
  • Web 2.0 properties (, blogger, tumblr, etc.)
  • in guest posts on blogs within your niche
  • on video sharing sites
  • on social bookmark sites
  • on social media sites
  • and many, many more places

The number of links that you need coming into your site will depend on your competition and on how many links you have from authority sites in your niche.

Social proof has always been important but it wasn’t considered a component separate from off page optimization until recently.

How often your business is mentioned by others within your niche and by your customers helps determine your authority within your niche.

Your online reputation also plays a big role on whether or not your site visitor will eventually become a customer.

I look forward to reading your comments at you post them below and I would appreciate it if you share this with your friends and colleagues.

Search Engine Optimization Is Constantly Changing Or Is It?
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