Many businesses spend a lot of money on market research but never visit the forums in their niche. This is a silly mistake.

I don't care what niche your business is targeting but I’ll bet you there is one or more groups on Yahoo or Google plus some niche forums where people have gathered to discuss that topic.

By seeking out these forums and groups and reading the posts for 30 minutes to an hour a day over a 2 week period, you’ll be learning what these people are seeking that the market isn’t currently providing, you might find out a little more how your target market thinks and you may find out which products within your niche are the most recommended.

Don’t you think you could create a profitable product or service if you knew EXACTLY what your market wanted without asking them?

If you had an idea how your target audience thinks and where they congregate, don't you think you could develop a better marketing strategy?

Don’t you think you could make the products most recommended by users of that product more visible in your advertising and in your store once you knew that was a product that receives good word of mouth recommendations?

Properly doing market research in forums is about like going fishing in a barrel of hungry fish. You cannot fail. Forums have been used for quite awhile to build your brand, to build back links to your site for better search engine positioning but I strongly suggest you think about combining forums and market research.

Forums and Market Research

One thought on “Forums and Market Research

  • April 13, 2008 at 4:42 am

    I always change cel phones, like twice or thrice a year, and I don’t usually go to websites that make reviews, I always search forums for the related product. For a product to be useful and saleable, it has to be reviewed by a large number of people(the masses), not just by one person. So believe me, when I buy some stuff out there, I read reviews from users of a certain product on at least 5 forums before I make my conclusion.
    Did you see it? One more time? You won’t get faked out here!


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