Did The Latest Google Change Adversely Affect Your Local Business Listing?

Google’s algorithm change on July 24, 2014 affected many local business listings as they show up in the search results. Was your listing a winner or a loser?

In some local niches, the local listings were removed completely. Real estate is one next that lost their local listings.

This algorithm adjustment brings more of Google’s search algorithm down to the local level which means that local businesses must pay attention to the following to maintain your visibility near the top of page 1 of Google for the keywords that are important to you:

  • your online business reputation
  • the quality and ranking of your business website (This includes a mobile version of your website.)
  • Your presence in the local directories that are important to your niche

Google is not the only source of traffic to your website.

To maximize your online marketing return on investment, you must ask your customers how they found your business in addition to studying your website analytics and ad tracking analytics to see which marketing source or sources are bringing you the most business.

You can no longer afford to ignore video and social when you market online.

YouTube, which is owned by Google, is 2nd only to Google in the number of searches that are performed each day. Add to that the fact that YouTube videos have a higher engagement rate than Facebook you have very powerful marketing resource.

Google+ is quickly becoming the center of Google’s universe. You can engage your customers and prospects from this page. People can leave reviews for your business on this page, they can see photos that you’ve uploaded on this page, they can watch your YouTube videos from this page provided you have link your YouTube channel to your business page and they can read any post that you have made on the page.

The posts that you add to your Google+ Business Page can and sometimes do show up in the search results and this single factor gives you more exposure which helps build your authority within your niche.

The online world is becoming more mainstream and the lines between your website, your social media marketing, video marketing and search engine marketing are blurring to the point that you must look at them with a unified strategy if you wish to rank well in local search or in global search.

Let me know below whether you moved up in the local search results, see no difference or move down as a result of the Google algorithm change that is been nicknamed pigeon.

Did The Latest Google Change Adversely Affect Your Local Business Listing?
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