How Buying A Website And Buying A Home Are Similar

When buying a website, there are many things you must consider just as there are many things you must consider when you buy a home. Some of them are:

How Long Do You Intend To Stain Your Current Home?

Before you buy a home, you need to have some idea on how long you plan on living at that address. If you have a job that requires you to move every 2 to 3 years, whether you buy or lease is something you have to think about.

Websites are virtual so they can go anywhere but you still need to take into consideration how quickly technology changes and how your needs as a business owner will change in the next few years.

How Soon Will You Need To Expand?

You may not have any kids when you buy your first home but if you plan on having a family you need to know when you plan on starting it so that you can decide whether or not the home will be able to handle the additional family member or members.

Your business plan helps you understand and plan for your needs over both the short-term and long-term. This tool is also invaluable on helping you plan for the website that you need.

For instance, if you plan on adding a membership site where you can offer some training classes, the foundation on which you build your site may need to be completely different than if you were using the site as an online brochure or business card.

The audience you serve, the information you deliver, how your audience consumes that information in the devices they wish to use to consume that information must all be considered before you choose a website developer.

Location Is Important

You want the home that you buy to be conveniently located to where you work, to the shops that you frequent, to the entertainment centers you plan to use (movie theaters, restaurants, gyms, etc.) and to schools if you have children or plan to have children.

Since your website is virtual, you need to plan on how you are going to attract your visitors. Are you going to use:

  • organic search?
  • pay per click advertising?
  • video marketing?
  • a direct mail campaign?
  • social media marketing?
  • webinars?
  • television ads?
  • or other marketing methods?

Regardless of the method or methods that you used to attract visitors to your website, your website design, your website content, the third-party social proof you have available and whether or not you are going to make your website look good across multiple devices will play a factor in your success.


The cost of buying a home is something that always has to be considered before purchases made. Don’t forget to include such things as:

  • the purchase price
  • insurance
  • taxes
  • maintenance
  • and miscellaneous expenses

when you calculate the cost of buying a home.

There are certain things that you must also consider when buying a website and some of these are:

  • the initial website development cost
  • the cost of hosting
  • which hosting platform you are going to use
  • how you plan on receiving mail from your website
  • maintenance
  • security against hackers
  • and miscellaneous expenses

Some of these miscellaneous expenses could be graphic development, content development, custom coding, commercial plug-ins, etc.

Buying a home can be a long, tedious, tiring and expensive process but you are usually happy with the end result once you get through it.

Website development can also be a long, tedious, tiring and expensive process that may leave you happy with the result or extremely frustrated if you chose the wrong developer for the job.

I know your budget constraints will have you looking for the least expensive option but that could end up being the most expensive route in the long run.

Many of the discount developers will give you what you ask for without actually consulting with you to find out what your long term goals are so they can advise you to purchase what you need instead of what you think you want.

A developer that acts as a consultant is almost always going to be more expensive up front but they will save you a lot of money and grief on the backend because you won’t have to start from scratch when you are ready to grow.

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How Buying A Website And Buying A Home Are Similar
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