How to Measure Your Search Engine Marketing Effectiveness

Having a search engine marketing campaign is useless unless you know how to measure the results that you are getting. Which approach works better for you?

Know Your Goals

Don’t start a marketing campaign without clearly defining the goals you want to achieve before you start. Most marketing campaigns are geared to get you one of three things which are:

  • more money
  • more exposure
  • more traffic

You may get more than one of the above with a single campaign but you need to start it by clearly identifying which of the three is your primary goal.

Measuring Results

If your goal is more money, measuring the results is relatively easy.

(I’m assuming that you track every piece of advertising that you do so that you know which source is generating your leads and sales. If you aren’t tracking all of your marketing, there is no way you can measure the effectiveness of any one campaign.)

Measuring the effectiveness of the campaign where more money is the goal is a matter of taking gross sales – your overhead – the cost of the campaign. The balance is your profit or loss from that campaign.

When more exposure is your goal, measuring the effectiveness means you have to log into your Google Adwords account, your Google analytics account or both.

It’s very easy to see the number of impressions that each ad has had over a specified period. One impression is one exposure.

In organic search, one impression also equals one exposure.

These impressions do not mean that someone clicked on your ad or the link in the organic results to visit your website. They simply mean that you got exposure.

When more traffic is the goal, you look at your PPC analytics to see how many times someone clicked through to visit your landing page. (This doesn’t mean that they bought or even signed up for your newsletter it just means that they visited the landing page you wanted them to visit.)

The same is true in organic search. When someone visits a page on your website by clicking on the link shown in the search engine results, they count as traffic.

How long a visitor stays on your site and whether they took you up on your call to action depends on the content on the page, where they are in the buying process and how well you presented your message.

Do not forget to have a good call to action. Most people will not take any action unless you ask them to do something.

If you are tracking everything, it should be easy for you to measure the results of your search engine marketing campaign.

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How to Measure Your Search Engine Marketing Effectiveness

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