Reputation Management Does Not Make You A Penny


Reputation management is important & you should be doing it but it does not make your business any money. Do you know why it doesn’t make your business money?

When did you last make money managing anything?

business-growthEvery time I’ve managed something it has been to make sure that a job gets done correctly and I’m willing to bet that you and your managers are doing the same thing for your business.

These jobs may or may not directly contribute to generating an income. Most of the time, however, the manager’s job does not directly contribute to generating a profit.

Managing Your Reputation Puts You In A Defensive Position

There are dozens, if not hundreds, of places your customers can leave reviews online about your business. Monitoring all of these places requires a dedicated team that is working full-time.

Some business owners try to monitor their reputation by setting up Google alerts to tell them every time their business name is mentioned online.

Unfortunately for these business owners, most reviewers do not mention the company name in the review that they write. They may mention an employee but the focus is usually on the product or service that they are reviewing.

A Better Approach

There are multiple services and software that will help you monitor the most important local directories that allow reviews within most niches.

Monitoring the reviews is only part of the equation. Once you are notified that a negative review has been left on a local directory, you must log in and respond to that review in a timely manner. If your response is quick enough and good enough, you may be able to turn that unhappy customer into a customer that’s willing to give you another chance.

More often than not though the negative review and your response will be left in place for everyone to see.

The only way you can minimize the damage the review has caused is to convince enough happy customers to leave positive reviews on that local directory which would push it lower down on the page.

Rather than reacting to a negative review that is left on a local directory site, wouldn’t it make more sense to have a private review page where you invite all of your customers to leave reviews for your business then give them the opportunity to copy/paste those reviews on to local directories?

With this approach, you could redirect the people that leave reviews of three stars or less to a page where they are invited to pick up the phone and call you directly so you can solve their grievance before it gets posted out for the public to see.

Are you marketing the four and five star reviews that you are getting from your customers? Do you even have a system in place where you get the permission from the customer to use their good reviews in your marketing materials?

If you don’t have permission to use these good reviews to build your business and you don’t have a system in place to consistently get great reviews, why are you wasting this golden opportunity to build an extremely valuable asset that can be used to build your business?

Online reviews are trusted almost as much as referrals from friends, family and coworkers.

These digital assets are the new word-of-mouth advertising so take advantage of them and put a system in place that lets you capture reviews and give you permission to use them in your marketing.

Managing almost never makes you money but marketing almost always adds to your bottom line, especially when that marketing includes social proof from satisfied customers that have left you four and five star reviews on local directories such as Google+ and Yelp.

Leave your comments below and contact me if you need help setting up a good review marketing system.

Reputation Management Does Not Make You A Penny

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