give from the heart

Giving To Grow Your Business Makes Sense

During the holiday season, everyone is in a giving mood but your business should be in a giving mood all year long. Read below to see why.

Employee Morale

give from the heart
Give from the heart to grow.

Get your employees involved to help brainstorm ideas for ways that you can give back to the community and it will make them feel good in addition to providing you with ideas that you may not have thought of yourself.

Your employees may favor one or more causes over your personal preference but by involving them they are going to be more willing to be active participants in giving back to the community.

For Example: if you’re a home improvement store, you may be able to hold free classes for the DIY crowd or you may be able to gather a group of employees that are willing to go out and help you do some repairs that are needed at the home of an elderly person, disabled person or a veteran that needs the assistance but can’t afford it. A project like this may cost you a few hundred dollars in supplies but the good press that you can get, the good feelings that you will have from knowing that you helped someone that really needed it in the boost in employee morale will be immeasurable.

Giving Back To The Community

Every time you sponsor a charitable event, sponsor a local sporting event, help someone in need or even donate a portion of your proceeds over a given period of time to a cause where the money stays within your community helps the people that live in your community see that you are part of the community and that you’re actively giving back rather than just taking money from the community.

You live and work in your community and everyone likes their town to be the best that it can be.

When you give from the heart and from your pocketbook, you might not be able to measure the value on your balance sheet but you will definitely know that you’ve done the right thing in your heart.

You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving, Christmas or any other holiday to do something special for the people that are in need.

There will always be people within your community that need a hand up, that just need a little company or even just need to know that someone cares so take the time to be part of the community and you’ll profit more than you know.

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Giving To Grow Your Business Makes Sense

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