Does Your SEO Marketing Include Social?

If you do SEO for your website, you already know the importance of content & backlinks. Did you know that social engagement is just as important? See why below.

Social Bookmarks

These bookmarks have been around for years and have been both used and abused by Internet marketers but when done correctly they are still very effective.

One of the keys for them being effective is to write content that may be a little controversial or just may force the visitor to create an opinion one way or another.

Content that gets the reader to create an opinion is more likely to be commented on, shared with others or bookmarked.

Social Sites

Every social platform has a unique demographic using it and if you wish to tap into that demographic for customers you MUST not only have a presence on that platform and you need to build a relationship with the people that use that platform.

The following social networks have demographics that are constantly evolving:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr
  • Daily Motion
  • Google+
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest

I didn’t mention InstaGram, vine and others that are popular with the young crowd. LinkedIn was left off because it is geared mostly towards professionals.

Depending upon your niche and the ages of people within that niche, you may need to be active on some of the social networks that I did not mention because they are sources of traffic and because some of them along with some in the list that I did mention will help you with SEO.

A few Internet marketers have started calling this Social SEO.

One of the reasons they may have coined this phrase is that it is possible to rank some content on the first page of Google for longtail keywords using nothing but status updates on sites like Facebook, social backlinks from sites like Twitter and links from Web 2.0 properties such as Blogger or

Visitor Engagement

Ideally, you want to get engagement on every platform that you use but the reality is it’s not always easy. Videos that teach something, that are shocking or that are entertaining have a tendency to have higher rates of interaction than the written word ever will.

Review videos such as the one below aren’t necessarily going to get you engagement but they can go a long way in helping build trust for your brand or company.

The video is just a little over one minute long but it delivers the message in a very powerful way and it keeps the visitor on your site longer than they may have stayed if they had to read an article.

This extra time on site is called stickiness and it helps bring down the bounce rate which harms your ability to rank high in the search results.

At this point in time, the service that we used to create the above video is still in beta so the price is affordable for most local business owners.

Share this article with a friend or business associate then leave your comment below and give me a call at (863) 274-1859 between the hours of 2 PM and 8 PM Eastern and I’ll be happy to talk to you about the videos.

Does Your SEO Marketing Include Social?

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