The secret law of attraction is easy to state and quite possibly the most difficult thing you’ll ever try to master.

The secret to the law of attraction in a simplified way is your mindset and how you interact with the world both consciously and unconsciously.

You cannot focus on everything at once so what you focus on the most is the priority your mind and the universe sees as most important to you.

If you are constantly talking about your bad luck, the bad things that happen to you that your dreams will never become your reality, you are right. Your mind and the universe see your negatives as the things that are most important to you so they will deliver more of what you tell the universe is important.

Look at the world’s most successful people past and present and you will see they ALL talk about nothing but success. Failures are seen as lessons that put them one step closer to the success they are seeking.

You’ve become the person you are by learning, living and repeating.

Think about this. Children learn their writing skills through repetition. The teacher writes a word or sentence down and the child has to write that word or phrase multiple times on the paper in front of them. The physical act of writing the word or phrase multiple times helped cement how to write that word or phrase. Every time they write that word or phrase from that point forward makes that new found skill a habit. They will eventually reach a level of competence where they can write that word or phrase without thinking on a conscious level.

Here’s another example. When you first learn to drive a car, you have to consciously think of everything you have to do. You check your mirrors, look for hazards, put on the turn signals and have to THINK about each action prior to performing it. With each driving session, these activities become more routine and you think about them less and less because the thinking is being delegated to your subconscious mind. This level of competence is automatic and routine.

Go from the states to Europe where driving is done on a side of the road you aren’t used to and you have to consciously think before you act again and it takes time and repetition before you are again unconsciously competent in that task.

Retraining how you think so you can use the secret law of attraction requires the same level of repetition but only AFTER you unlearn the self defeating thought patterns you have lived with for months or years.

Most self help and self improvement products give you affirmations to learn the new way of thinking BUT they don’t help you release your bad habits and they usually don’t repeat the affirmations in ways that are effective for you.

Think Right Now creates products that let you effectively reprogram your brain so you CAN use the secret law of attraction to do what you desire.

For example, let’s say you are seeking Financial Abundance Now! might find I Am Organized Now, Setting & Achieving Goals Now!, Supreme Confidence Now!, Unstoppable Motivation Now!, Accelerated Sales Success Now! or Effective Time Management Now! useful tools in creating the mindset you need to reach your goal. You may not need help in all of these areas which is good. These programs are designed to complement each other so you can use 2 or 3 at a time to accelerate your reprogramming.

My personal goal is to be as healthy as I can be as a quadriplegic so I purchased I Am Healed Now! as my first CD. I’ve been using it for the last 2 weeks and I’m already seeing improvement in a skin problem I’ve had for the last 10 years.

These programs are designed to remove the obstacles that are holding you back. After I received the owners manual telling me how to use the CD for maximum effect and then read the affirmations on the CD, I KNEW I could does this.

If you are able to read affirmations, write them down at least once a day and press the play button on your CD player, YOU can reach YOUR goals by creating the perfect mindset for the secret law of attraction.

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The Secret Law of Attraction

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