Why Video Must Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan For 2015

Video is a must because the majority of your target market grew up watching TV and using the Internet. They receive the majority of their information by video.

YouTube is second only to Google in the number of searches done each month and the amount of video that is both uploaded and consumed there each day is staggering.

Consumers go to YouTube for the following reasons:

  • to find how to videos
  • to watch music videos
  • to watch movie trailers
  • to watch review videos
  • and to watch videos for other reasons

The devices used to watch videos are almost as varied as the reasons that they watch videos.

Some of the devices used are:

  • desktop computers
  • laptop computers
  • tablets
  • netbooks
  • smart phones
  • gaming consoles connected to a television
  • smart TVs

YouTube and some of the other video sharing services will automatically resize the video so that it fits on any device but you need to embed the video on a webpage that is responsive to any device.

A number of Internet marketers are seeing up to 30% of their visitors coming from mobile devices and some of the same Internet marketers are also seeing up to 60% of their content on YouTube being consumed from mobile devices.

With percentages that high, can you afford to ignore video marketing for your business?

People are pressed for time and want instant gratification.

You can display the same amount of information in a two minute video as you can in a 500 word article.

If you grew up getting your news from television and you had a choice of receiving your information by watching a video that consumed about two minutes of your time or reading an article that would take up to five times that long to finish, which would you choose?

There are many types of videos that you can produce for your business. One type is with you being on camera such as the one below but

there are many types that can be made where you do not have to be on camera.

The type of video that you use in any given situation will depend upon your goals for that video and that marketing campaign. Some of the most powerful videos that you can have for your business are customer testimonial videos were customers are giving you a five star review.

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Why Video Must Be A Part Of Your Marketing Plan For 2015
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