Achieving Business Growth Through Employee Incentives


Your employees can be awesome business growth assets if they have an incentive that encourages them to share their ideas. Do you encourage employee input?

business growthA good business owner that I know once share the following:

“When I hire people I make sure that I hire people that are compatible with my personality and work ethic.

As soon as the person comes on board, they are taught to do a specific task using the following sequence:

  1. I tell them how the task is to be completed.
  2. I have them watch me complete the task.
  3. I watched then complete the task.
  4. I have them write up a training manual on how they would teach someone to do that task.”

The next logical step is to have them review that task’s manual in a few months to see if there is any way that they would improve upon the process of either completing the task or in training someone else to do it.

This may seem like a lot of work to bring on a new employee but it helps you find out right away whether or not the person is going to be someone you can work with, whether they understood what they watch you do and how well they can communicate what they learned by writing the training manual themselves.

If you do this for every single task that has to be completed within your business, you will soon have training manuals that could be handed to any new employee and these manuals would be complete enough that that person should be able to complete the task with little or no training from you.

Cross Training

It’s also a good idea to have every employee learn how to do every job within your business so that they can fill in when you’re shorthanded or when you just need next an extra hand getting a specific job done.

You never know when an employee is going to have an illness or an emergency that’s going to keep them away from work for a few hours, a few days or longer.

If you have multiple employees capable of doing that person’s job, the loss in productivity won’t be nearly as severe as it could have been if you didn’t have capable backups in place.

By cross training, you will also get a new set of eyes on each job and one person might see a way to streamline the process that the first one didn’t.

Create an environment within your workplace where you encourage your employees to brainstorm with each other and with you on ways each job can be done more efficiently.

These brainstorming sessions can help boost morale within your business and they may even save you some money when a more efficient process is developed.

When your employees come up with new ideas that will help you make more money or new systems that will help you save money, acknowledge their contribution in front of everyone and reward them in some incentive

Everyone likes to know that they are a valued member within any group and its good business to treat your valued employees as the business assets they are. You may be surprised at some of the good ideas that your employees will come up with when you give them the encouragement, incentives and rewards they deserve for contributing to your business growth.



Achieving Business Growth Through Employee Incentives
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