The Driving Force Behind The Marketing Changes You Need To Make In Your Business

The smart phone that’s carried by many of your customers is the main reason you have to adapt your marketing at an accelerated pace. Read on to see why.

smartphoneMany people see their smart phone is the center of everything. They use it:

  • as a phone book
  • as a calendar
  • as a grocery list
  • as a to do list
  • as a way to connect with everyone using social media
  • as a way to share images they take with the camera on their phone
  • as a way to share videos they shoot with their phone’s camera
  • as an address book
  • as a photo album
  • to play games
  • to look up product reviews
  • to compare product prices between one vendor and another while in your store
  • to search for coupons online they can be redeemed with their phone
  • to browse the Internet
  • to get directions
  • as a GPS
  • as an alarm clock
  • as a flashlight
  • as a phone

There are many more uses for smart phones than what I’ve listed here but this list is long enough to show you why the smart phone is the center of many people’s universe.

As more devices connect to the Internet and connect to apps that you can install on your phone, the more important it is going to be for you to have your marketing message mobile friendly.

67% of the people that visit your site using a mobile device will leave and never return if they have to pinch to zoom to see your content or have horizontal scrolling bars to deal with.

Mobile visitors want a fast loading site that presents the information they want in a format that’s easy to read. When these visitors find what they want, they often call or visit the store or website within 24 hours of doing the search.

People are increasingly using their smart phone to find information on businesses that are advertising on television. If you advertise on TV and do not have a mobile friendly website, you are probably losing business.

If the TV ad is about a product, you can bet that many of these potential customers are looking up product reviews and checking on competitor’s prices before they visit your website to make a purchase.

Approximately 40% of Facebook users are accessing that social media site from their mobile devices and these people are less likely to leave Facebook to go to the rest of the Internet.

Since that’s where many of your customers are, you need to have a presence on Facebook that you use to actively engage with your customers and prospects. In addition to that, you will probably need to implement some paid advertising on Facebook to extend your reach beyond what you can do organically.

Don’t forget Twitter because many of their users are also on mobile devices and engagement there can sometimes be higher there than with the Facebook users.

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The Driving Force Behind The Marketing Changes You Need To Make In Your Business

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