Are You A Local Business Spending More Than Necessary On PPC?


The answer is probably yes. Unfortunately, many local businesses don’t use many of the most beneficial AdWords features. Are you missing out on them too?

Many local PPC ads look like this:

plain ppc ad

As a local business owner, you could be showing much more at no extra cost.

You could have a PPC ad that displays like this:

local in ppc ad

As you can see, the address and phone number are displayed within the PPC ad. If a person likes the ad, they can pick up the phone and give you a call and that won’t cost you anything.

Take the time to build a 5 star reputation and you can have it show up in your ad like this:

reputation in ppc ad

If you’re going to spend money on pay per click advertising. Please take the time to set up your Google My Business account, if you don’t already have one, and make sure that your Google+ local business page is optimized and collecting reviews so that you can display both your local listing and your reputation within your PPC ad.

Give me a call if you would like some help on putting a reputation marketing system in place. My number is (863) 274-1859.

Are You A Local Business Spending More Than Necessary On PPC?

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