Many people just starting out online think that all web traffic is equal. As experience is gained, they quickly learn how wrong that belief is. This article will talk about WHY there is such a difference.

Let’s start by listing some of the different web traffic sources available to you.

•    Search Engine Traffic
•    Traffic Exchange Traffic
•    Banner Advertising Traffic
•    Expired Domain Traffic
•    Popup Traffic
•    Pop Under Traffic
•    Exit Page Traffic
•    Pay Per Click Traffic
•    Forum Traffic
•    Classified Advertising Traffic
•    Social Bookmark Traffic

This list is not meant to be a complete compilation of all possible traffic generating methods. This list has both good sources of web traffic and some web traffic sources that aren’t worth the cost.

Note: The cost may be time instead of a direct monetary cost.

Traffic exchanges are usually populated inexperienced marketers just starting out and their sole purpose is to generate traffic to their websites to generate free traffic. If the product or service you are offering fits this audience, you may generate a few leads or sales but the time required to acquire these may be higher than the total customer value.

Popup traffic, pop under traffic and exit page traffic can generate targeted traffic and quality leads but people find these techniques annoying and you risk making your audience angry.

High quality banners on the right banner advertising services can generate extremely targeted web traffic.

Classified advertising can generate traffic that is targeted but the quality depends on how well your wad was categorized and the site that generated the traffic.

The quality of the traffic you receive from the signatures in your forum posts will be determined by how targeted the forum topic is and how well you wrote your signature. Forums can eat up a LOT of time if you don’t manage your time well but the links in your signature can deliver traffic over extended periods of time.

Depending on the provider of the expired domain traffic you purchase, you may or may not receive traffic that produces enough leads or sales to justify the cost.

Social bookmarks are a source of traffic that is usually based on your keywords so the web traffic that is generated is somewhat targeted but not completely targeted.

Search engine traffic can be highly targeted if you have chosen the right keyword phrases. Search engine traffic generated from key phrases that are three words or more in length is usually very good and the people often know exactly what they are seeking.

You need to use your business plan, your daily plan of action and your overall business strategy to determine which of these and other lead generation techniques you will use to generate your web traffic.

All Web Traffic is NOT Equal
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