Is Your Business Leaving Money On The Table?

Many businesses, especially local businesses, are losing potential sales because they don’t have sales funnels in place. Are you losing sales because of this?

In my last post, I talked about useful traffic generation methods but all of the traffic in the world won’t do you much good if you don’t have a system in place to convert that traffic into prospects and then customers.

Once you have a person as a customer, you need a system in place to get them to leave a review for your business and to get them to give your business referrals.

sales funnelThese referrals need to be put into a system that will convert them from a warm lead into a buying customer so the process can start all over.

Each of the systems I just mentioned is a type of sales funnel.

The traffic that you generate through each of your marketing channels should feed the top of the funnel and the follow-up messages that are delivered through that funnel should be designed to help build a relationship.

Once a certain level of trust is developed, it’s much easier to present an offer that satisfies a certain problem or a certain set of problems without having to resort to ‘selling’.

There are many ways that you can get people into your various sales funnels and they don’t always have to include offering something for free.

Some of the methods currently being used by business owners are:

  • A free report, white paper, tips newsletter or other freebie that’s delivered digitally and has a high perceived value but was easy and inexpensive for you to produce and deliver.
  • A one hour analysis of their SEO presence and efforts.
  • An audit of their Google AdWords PPC account to see if their current account manager has everything optimized for minimum spend and maximum ROI.
  • A discounted blueprinting session so they have some kind of marketing plan that they can follow.
  • Asking permission from a local business owner if it’s okay for you to make a video testimonial for their business they’ve provided you with good service is an excellent way to start a conversation.
  • Offering to correct a local citation that has been set up incorrectly or isn’t optimized by giving them step-by-step instructions is another way to gain trust. Marketers that are using this method often include a done for you price that’s something around $20-$25 per citation that is corrected and optimized for the business owner.
  • Some business owners offer coupons for people that subscribe to their email newsletters or to their SMS mailing list.
  • Some business owners are placing coupons on their Facebook page and only people that have liked the page can access and download the coupons.
  • Some people are using contests to drive traffic to their Facebook page or their website so that they can get them on their mailing list. (A Like to your Facebook business page is similar to opting into an email list.)

Some of the methods that are used by business owners that already have you as a customer are:

  • Sign up for our newsletter to receive customer only tips on how to get the most out of your purchase. (This can be very effective in niches where there are multiple ways that your product or service can be used to solve a consumer’s problem.)
  • Sign up for our newsletter to receive customer only specials or coupons. (In this case, the newsletter could be an SMS list.)
  • Join our loyalty program and have your reward points build up towards the discounts or free products.
  • Join our social media community which is open only to our customers so that you can get assistance directly from other customers as well as from us. Hint: This method works very well when you have a product or service that can be used in a variety of ways.

A dentist or doctor would be wise to set up an SMS platform so that they can send reminders of upcoming appointments as well as reminders for future checkups.

Studies have shown that people that get SMS messages reminding them of an upcoming appointment are more likely to show up on time.

It may take you a little time to get your SMS system in place but it will pay off with fewer missed appointments and more people scheduling follow-ups.

The days of having just one sales funnel are over (if they ever existed).

In today’s fast-paced world, you should have a sales funnel for every type of marketing that you do so that you know which method is worth your time and money.

By separating, testing and tweaking you may be able to turn an underperforming marketing campaign into a winner or you’ll know that in needs to be terminated so you can focus your time, effort and money on methods that are bringing you new leads, prospects and customers.

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Is Your Business Leaving Money On The Table?

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