SEO Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

Search engine optimization (SEO) has many components & it takes a while to get started but if you do everything correctly it’s a great way to attract business.

Build Your Reputation

You must first take the time to build a 5 star reputation because if you don’t do this the leads that you generate are less likely to convert into buying customers.

I’ve stated elsewhere on this site that if you don’t have a good reputation then none of your marketing methods online or off-line will work for very long, if at all.

Your reputation is synonymous with your brand and it is a business asset.

Your Website

SEO Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint
SEO Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

Your website is the digital storefront for your business and as such it is often the first and only chance you have to make a first impression on potential customers.

If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you could be losing a lot of potential business without even knowing it.

For Example: I’m currently working with a customer that is using paid advertising as part of the lead generation strategies for their business. When I first took over their account, they had no idea that 35% of the people that were viewing and clicking on their ads were doing so from mobile devices. Fortunately, there landing page looks professional and is mobile friendly. If it hadn’t been, 67% of the people that hit that page would have left and never returned.

  • Does your website look professional or does it look like a DIY project?
  • Is it mobile friendly?
  • Do you have tracking installed so that you know where your traffic is originating from in the devices that they are using to get to your site?

Does your website use best practices according to Google Webmaster Tools so that you can get the biggest return on the efforts you or your team put forth to get your site in front of potential prospects?

One website that my business partner and I put up and optimized for local search about 18 months ago has taken our client from being a new business in town to having a full calendar.

After our initial work of doing on page optimization and building backlinks from local directories, all that has been done to further our marketing efforts for that site is the addition of the schema meta-tags and several customer reviews that were converted to graphics and posted to social media sites.

His competition in search is weak so all we had to do to get him to the second organic position in search for his primary keywords was to take care of the on page basics and completely optimize his listings in the local directories.

Another one of our customers has been with us for about 3 years and she has built up enough of an online reputation that she’s ranking second to a national franchise that does a lot of paid marketing online, off-line and on television.

Because of our on page SEO efforts, claiming and optimizing her local directory listings and helping her build a 5 star reputation across multiple online directories she has been able to grow her one-woman business to the point she has stopped all off-line advertising and is thinking about hiring a second person to help her so she gets at least one day a week off.

It took about 3 months to get her to the middle of page 1 on Google in the suburbs where she works and another year to get to the middle of page 1 for the major metropolitan area that is close to her. Now that we’re in the third year, her website is in the second position organically in the major metropolitan area and our local listing also has the second position in the major metropolitan area.

She holds down the first position in local search for her suburb and she’s ranking on the first or second page for 25 different keywords.

Results like this are achievable for most local businesses, including yours, if you know what to do, how to do it and when to do it to get you where you want to be.

Once you are where you want to be, you sometimes have to work to stay there or your competition may wake up and surpass you but in local search that isn’t always important if your reputation is better than theirs.

Don’t discount the role that reputation plays in your success in SEO because the client I just mentioned is getting between 80% and 85% of all of her new business directly from her online reviews.

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SEO Is A Marathon And Not A Sprint

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