Why You Should Keep Your Marketing Site Simple


This article compares the dislikes that people have in the real world against dislikes people have when they encounter websites. How many of these apply to you?

Real-World Dislikes

Here are some of the most common dislikes people have when they encounter local businesses:

  • crowded parking lots
  • storefronts with too many signs or other distractions
  • crowded aisles in the store
  • pushy salespeople when you first walk into the store
  • hard to find a salesperson when you make a decision to buy

Website Dislikes

Here are some website dislikes and how they compare to the real world:

  • slow load times (This is similar to a crowded parking lot.)
  • an over-abundance of graphics or banners (This is the equivalent of too many signs or other distractions.)
  • too much content on the page (This is the equivalent of having crowded aisles in your store.)
  • having a call to action before you can even see any content on the page (This is like having a salesperson second you enter the store.)
  • having to jump through hoops to join the mailing list or make a purchase (Your opt in box or your checkout process are your salespeople. If you ask for too much information or make the checkout process too difficult, many people will abandon their shopping cart and go somewhere else to make a purchase. This is the off-line equivalent of not being able to find a salesperson.)

Computer screens tire the eyes quickly so it’s important to minimize the distractions and leave plenty of white space.

Studies have shown that we don’t blink is often while we are looking at a computer monitor. Because we blink class, our eyes dry out quicker and get tired.

To combat this, we need to frequently look away from our monitor and focus on something 15 to 20 feet away for a short period of time.

If your page has too much content, your visitor may not be able to consume it before they have to look away to rest their eyes and if they choose to return the lack of white space could make it hard for them to find where they left off on the page.

I know that your website is your digital storefront and that you want it to make the best possible first impression and that you wanted to be an outstanding employee that works 24/7 for you.

To make it the best that it can be, you will constantly need to test the look, the layout, the content and the call to action that you have on your website.

Why You Should Keep Your Marketing Site Simple

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