Why You Need To Have A Mobile Friendly Site Sooner Than Later

Google is preparing a mobile algorithm that will make having a mobile friendly site even more important than it is right now. Read on to see why.

According to this article, approximately 50% of all Google searches are now done from mobile devices. Google confirmed that the algorithm that is going to be released April 21st will have a bigger impact than either the panda or penguin updates did.

Google will be using whether or not your site is mobile friendly as a ranking factor in their algorithm.

Studies have already shown that when a consumer visits a site that is not mobile friendly 67% of them will leave and never return. Since this is an indicator that the searcher is having a poor user experience on your site, it’s only logical that Google will push mobile friendly sites higher in the results than sites that do not look good on a mobile device.

Many local business owners still do not have mobile friendly websites and most of these business owners will be blindsided when these changes take effect.

If the new algorithm has the impact that I think it will, a lot of websites that had been created using site builders or CMS themes that are designed to be responsive could see a drop in their search engine traffic unless they have a dedicated mobile site that automatically detects the device being used and adapts to it.

As of this writing, you have approximately 60 days to get your site mobile friendly and indexed by Google as being ready for mobile traffic.

One More Reason Local Businesses Should Be Ready For Mobile Searchers

Multiple studies have shown that local mobile searchers often take action on their search within 24 hours and many of them within an hour.

You may already be losing potential customers if you are a local business that does not have a mobile friendly website.

The potential effect of having your website show lower in the results when a person does a search from a mobile device could be devastating to your business.

If you are a business owner that’s looking to grow your business through search engine marketing, can you afford to not have your site by anyone using a mobile device?

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Why You Need To Have A Mobile Friendly Site Sooner Than Later

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