If you use a blog or content management system online and have the RSS feed functionality enabled, you need to make sure your articles are protected by a copyright or resource box.

I use WordPress as a standalone installation on several different domains and accidently found out this week that other webmasters were bringing the full text from posts on my blog into their sites by RSS and a plugin they had installed displayed the full post. I hadn’t paid enough attention to the full list of plugins available for this blogging platform so I wasn’t aware that they had that capability.

I quickly found out the potential damage that could be done when I went to Copyscape to make sure my content was unique. I found that almost every post I’d made in one niche was showing up on several different sites word for word with no visible indication that my site was the originator since I hadn’t signed the posts or added a resource box.

The WordPress plugin directory was very quickly visited to see if there was a plugin available that would easily and quickly add my signature to existing posts as well as all future posts.

There was one available that did the job but it wasn’t as search engine friendly as I’d have liked so my partner got a programmer friend to take the plugin and modify it so the post title is included as a hyperlink back to the original article on our site along with our copyright information.

As soon as the plugin was installed and enabled, every post had a copyright whether it was on our site or one the had received it by RSS. Copyscape no longer showed all of the articles others were displaying because of the copyright and link back to our site.

Everyone can still use our articles but they are now giving us inbound links that are keyword rich since we ALWAYS make sure our primary keyword is in the title and URL.

You might not be able to get this search engine benefitting plugin BUT you should make sure your articles have your signature so YOU get the credit for YOUR work.

Not ALL CMS’s allow for the full post to be pulled by RSS but protect your intellectual property just in case they do.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

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