Why You Should Treat Your Business Like A Startup


Business startups are willing to experiment to see what works and what doesn’t. Unfortunately, once you find something that works you quit experimenting. Why?

When you try a lot of things, you frequently have a lot of failures but you can also have some outstanding successes that you weren’t expecting.

Established business owners that have found something that works often quit testing the waters. I believe this is a huge mistake.

The only thing constant in marketing is change.

How will you know whether or not these new marketing techniques and platforms could be sources of leads and customers if you don’t test them?

You may get frustrated with these new platforms because they will require you to learn something new and in the end they may not be as good as your current marketing platform.

Never forget that you should have multiple lead generation systems working for you.

Some of the best marketers both online and off-line go by the rule of thumb that they never want more than 10% of their web site traffic coming from any one source.

With this strategy, you never have to worry about one traffic source going away.

Many of the same business owners use a similar approach when it comes to having multiple income streams.

Startups often use multiple sources to generate the capital that they need to get off the ground and then multiple marketing methods to see which ones work.

Start planning out new marketing methods you can try and investigate the possibilities to implement additional income streams then put your plan into action.

The generation of new income from different sources may take time, effort, money and involves some risks but the potential rewards could far outweigh all of that.

Developing new methods of marketing your business may also take time, effort, money, testing and it could also come with some risks but the results could outweigh the risks.

Your current marketing method or methods may be productive but do you know for certain that they are the best methods available to you?

Think fast, plan well, take action and fail fast so you can grow your business.

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Why You Should Treat Your Business Like A Startup

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