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If you are a business owner, anything you post online can be used to judge you and if you are an employee your continued employment may be jeopardized. See why.

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When you work in the local environment, people in the community will often tie your personal reputation to your business reputation.

Unfortunately for you, this means that you and your family are under a microscope at all times. Everything you and your family members post on social media will be used by someone within the community to either to do business with you or to start knocking your business.

Since negative news spreads much faster than positive reviews, it’s important that you and your family maintain a squeaky clean image within your community.

To accomplish this, try to avoid polarizing and controversial topics. Two such topics are politics and religion.


As an employee, don’t be a naïve enough to think that someone in management isn’t reading what you put on social media.

There have been multiple stories on the news of people that have lost their jobs because of posts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or some other social media site.

It’s unknown how many applicants have had their applications put in the trash after a social media check was completed.

The pictures that many seem to constantly be posting that show them at drunken parties on a regular basis puts their resume in a totally different light.

Unflattering comments about previous employers or people that you work with could also make you undesirable.

A YouTube video or a Facebook post that shows you publicly touting your beliefs of one kind or another could also be a red flag that’s attached to your application.

Your past cannot only jump up and bite you when you are applying for a new job you have to be careful that what you currently say and do falls within the guidelines of your current employer even if those guidelines are unwritten.

Most business owners either have a written policy on moral conduct or they have an unwritten policy that they expect all of their employees to follow.

Your future with the company may depend on how well you represent yourself both at work and at play.

This is true for all companies but especially for businesses in small communities where almost everyone knows each other and what’s going on within their lives.

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, try to avoid doing anything or posting anything online that you wouldn’t be willing to do in a stadium full of strangers because everything is put online and it’s there for everyone to see and it’s almost impossible to get it removed.

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Think Before You Post Anything Online

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