How Your Employees Can Affect Your Business Reputation


Your employees are often the face of your business and their actions or inactions can have positive or negative effects on your business. See why below.

In the last two weeks, I’ve had to go to the hospital twice and this post describes how my interactions with the different employees has changed my perception of each business.

Emergency Medical Services (EMS)

We had to call EMS about the same time almost a week apart so I had the same crew on both runs. On the first run, the crew was very professional and did their job well right up to the point they were ready to take me out of the house.

At that time, they weren’t as observant as they should have been and they scraped my foot on the ramp railing as they exited our mobile home. This scrape created open areas on both the top and the bottom of my left foot which we are having to help heal.

They also parked their ambulance on the street instead of backing it in closer to our mobile home as we instructed which, in my opinion, created unnecessary work for them and extra jostling for me.

Because of these two instances, I would rate their overall performance a 3.5 out of five stars.

The same crew returned six days later to take me to the hospital again and they made sure my feet did not hit the railing on this trip and they brought the ambulance back close to the ramp so it was a much smoother ride from the house to the ambulance.

The crew would’ve received a five out of five star rating for this trip.

The Hospital

The emergency room staff treated me quickly, efficiently and expertly on both trips.

I would give the ER staff a five star rating both times.

On the first trip, I was placed on a floor that was used to seeing surgical patients. The RNs were very good and the floor seemed to have adequate staffing for the patient load. Unfortunately, the PCAs that worked with the RNs made their presence known only when it was time to get vitals or during shift change.

I would give the RNs of that floor a five star rating but the PCAs only earned a two star rating at best.

On the second trip to the hospital, I was placed on a floor that was much more active. The nurses were so busy that I only saw them when it was time to take meds. The PCAs that worked with them again were only visible when it was time to take vitals. The PCAs that worked the night shift were slightly more visible but not by much.

In my opinion, that floor needed more RNs and PCAs to have enough staff to adequately care for the patients under their care.

I’d rate the quality of care three out of five for the nursing staff of that floor. It would be higher if some of the PCAs that were staffed were more caring.

Non-Emergency Transport

The service that I chose to bring me home from the hospital was chosen because of their price. Unfortunately, they didn’t give me high enough on the stretcher to prevent injury to my foot when they closed the van door. As a result, I had a toenail ripped off one toe.

Additionally, when they got me home, to transfer from the stretcher to the bed was less than smooth.

I’d rate the quality of their service three out of five stars at best.

On the second trip home from the hospital, the same company use a larger van, a newer bariatric stretcher and brought a third person to help. The cost for this service was more than double the original but the quality of the service was also better.

I’d rate the service provided during this trip four out of five stars.

Every business has some fantastic employees and some that don’t understand the importance of having a five star culture within the business.

As a business owner, it’s your job to help your employees understand how important their role is in building a five star reputation for your business and the role that reputation plays in growing your business.

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How Your Employees Can Affect Your Business Reputation

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