Article marketing is a great way to bring highly targeted visitors to your site but it isn’t for everyone. This article discusses why.

Everyone that writes articles for article directories, ezines, websites or any other venue where their prospects might be is writing a sales page that isn’t a sales page. The goal of the article is to grab the reader’s attention, build their interest in what you are writing about, and create a desire in them to find out more then direct them to take action.

Articles should be highly targeted informational pieces that trigger an emotional response within the reader.

Before you begin writing your article, you need to know who you are targeting, what response you intend to get from the reader and the keyword phrase you will be using to reach your target audience. This keyword targeting is especially important when the articles you write will be available online and may be indexed by the search engines.

Gallstones Symptoms: The Causes
Head Lice: A Parental Nightmare That CAN End
Acne and How To Remove it Naturally

These 3 examples should tell you EXACTLY what the keyword phrase being targeted is and hopefully grab your attention enough to get you to stop and read the first paragraph.

If you’ve crafted the first paragraph well enough, you will have captured their interest enough to get them to continue reading the article.

The body of the article is where you deliver enough information to deliver on the promises of your headline and first paragraph while is subtly builds a desire to want to know more.

ALWAYS keep the focus of the article on them, their desires and their problem. You are using the article to try to show the reader you can help them find a solution. Avoid using I and me unless you are writing a review article and you still need to turn that back towards the reader as quickly as is possible.

The last paragraph is where you summarize your article and remind the reader that you’ve given them some useful information. If it’s possible and makes sense, try to end the last sentence with your keyword phrase and have it italicized.

The resource box is where you can put a link to additional information. This could be a blog post or web page that you have written that gives a little more information and directs them to a sales page, landing page with an opt in box or whatever action you want taken.

I know this seems like the long way around to get traffic to your website and it is BUT it is a method that generates highly targeted traffic.

Think about this: Your visitor first entered their keyword phrase in the search engine or article directory search box. They found your article and read it which inspired them enough to click on your link in the resource box. Once on your blog or web page, your reader again has the opportunity to go where you lead them or click away.

Writing informational pages that softly sell by informing and leading isn’t for everyone because you have to think about the problems you are trying to solve for your customers then write just enough useful and teasing information to make them hungry enough to take the next step.

You need a lot of articles with this type of marketing to generate much traffic but it is highly targeted and motivated traffic and when you do it well article marketing is fun and rewarding.

Article Marketing and Your Business Part 2
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