Your Reputation Is Your Advantage Don’t Blow It


Your business reputation is the one thing that sets you apart from your local competitors and the big players in your niche. See why that’s so important.

Local Competitors

customer serviceNot all of your local competitors will make sure that they carry top-notch products and work to create a five star experience for their customers.

If you do and you actively ask your customers to leave reviews for you online and you pull them to see if there’s any way that you can improve your product offering or service, you’ll be carving out a unique place in your community that will be hard for your local competition to beat.

In addition to looking good to prospective customers, a five star reputation that can be used in both your online and off-line marketing can help increase conversions and lower marketing costs.

Local businesses that advertise on Google using the AdWords platform will have their reputation star rating automatically show below their paid ads if they have at least 30 reviews on their Google+ Business Page provided the reputation is at least 3.5 stars.

Since more than two thirds of consumers trust online reviews almost as much as they trust personal recommendations, having your reputation displayed below your paid advertisements is invaluable.

National Competitors

National competitors usually set up each location using a specific formula for the layout of their stores and they have one training manual that is used for all locations.

If you have ever done much traveling, you would’ve discovered that almost every community has unique characteristics and a distinct personality of its own. There is no way a universal training manual would give the manager of the local store the flexibility that is often needed to capture the uniqueness of that community.

A national corporation likes this uniformity because they can transfer a manager from a top-performing location to one that isn’t doing as well to evaluate the operation to see if it’s the local manager, the staff, the location within the community or another factor that’s causing the underperformance.

If the store layout and employee training weren’t identical in each location the company operated, evaluation by an outside manager would be much more difficult.

Additionally, these cookie-cutter locations rarely have local support centers so it’s going to be much harder to connect with clients and build a local reputation. It’s possible but until recently most national businesses haven’t made a concerted effort to build their local brand and reputation.

You are unique individual in a unique community and you deserve a business that offers a support system that is tailored to serve you and your community.

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Your Reputation Is Your Advantage Don’t Blow It

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