Your Business Reputation Is The Lubricant That Makes Everything Else Work


As your business reputation grows, it becomes synonymous your brand, it becomes a marketing tool and it becomes a business asset. See how it helps below.

Your Brand

Your brand might be your logo but the first thing people see when they search your business name on Google besides your business name, address and phone number is your online reputation with Google and other local directories.

Because your reputation is prominently displayed with the name of your business, your reputation gets tied to your business name and brand.

Even before the Internet, word-of-mouth advertising was used to drive customers to good businesses and to warn prospects about businesses that weren’t as good.

As A Marketing Tool

Customers can leave reviews for you on local directories and these reviews are listed as part of your directory listing. They also show up in the search engines when people do a search for your company name.

reviewIf you have a good review collection system in place, you can also collect reviews on your website and these reviews could also be marketed to social bookmarking sites, converted into graphics and placed on image sharing sites, used as status updates on your social sites and placed on a testimonial page on your website.

With a good review collection system, you can also get your customers to give you permission to use their testimonials in your marketing materials.

Google already uses your online reputation with them as a marketing tool on your behalf. They show your reputation in their local listings and once you have at least 30 reviews that average at least 3.5 stars they will show your reputation in your PPC ads that are run through AdWords.

The reputation of your business is also a ranking factor for organic search and it is used to help determine your quality score for PPC advertising with Google.

Facebook will also show the star rating in their search results of local businesses that have Facebook local business pages with at least 10 reviews.

As A Business Asset

Every business owner or their family will eventually want to sell their business and either retire or starting another business.

If you have taken the time to build a five star reputation and collect reviews from customers on a regular basis, those reviews will become a business asset because they will show the value of your brand.

The reality is that your business reputation helps increase trust amongst your customers which helps reduce the cost of your advertising and it also helps increase the conversion rate.

Spending money on any kind of marketing campaign before you start building a five star reputation is a waste of money, time and effort.

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Your Business Reputation Is The Lubricant That Makes Everything Else Work

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