Many business owners wonder whether taking their business green will cost them money, save them money or make them money. We’ll discuss different aspects so you can decide for your business.

In my last article, I discussed using different items to reduce your overhead costs so you could save your business money. Some of those items can be used by local merchants to make money.

Many consumers want to help the environment but see the problem as too big and don’t know where to begin. By offering an affordable solution and a place to start, you might find profit centers and customers you didn’t know existed.

Automotive Repair – An auto repair shop can only do so much to go green. Properly recycling and disposing of some items is both mandated by law and might be expensive. Using compact fluorescents where possible will only save so much. None of these will be profit centers for the business. If the auto repair shop owner were to take a vehicle and add the hydrogen on demand system to it and get some actual data that could be shown to their customers, they may find MANY of their regular customers willing to spend several hundred dollars to save 25%-70% on their gasoline usage. By placing advertising on the vehicle that it is a hybrid that’s saving $$$, they might build a whole new clientele.

Plumbers – Many plumbers have had to add showrooms with the different plumbing fixtures to compete with the big box home improvement centers that are springing up in many communities. These local establishments often have the advantage of being able to educate the consumer about tankless water heaters, thermal water heaters, low flow shower heads, etc. AND the ability to install the stuff at reasonable rates. Advertise that you carry earth friendly products, can teach about them and install them and you MAY gain customers.

Electricians – Electricians have many option that might help them with the bottom line. Put on affordable seminars that give you the opportunity to teach do-it-yourselfers and others the benefits and affordability of some of the alternatives that are now on the market. Compact fluorescents aren’t understood by everyone. LED lighting systems, solar panels, wind generators and other options are also unknown or under appreciated by many home owners or renters. You may be pleasantly surprised at how well this information will be received.

Home Builders – A home builder has the opportunity to make the largest impact if they choose to get certified as a green builder. It is possible to build quality wood frame homes that cost slightly more than traditional homes BUT they give the buyer the potential for HUGE savings. A local TV station here in Florida recently reported on a builder that is certified as green. They showed a 4,400 square foot home that costs $125 per month for electric. The attic is only 3 degrees warmer than the living area which helps the roof last longer and reduces the cooling costs in the summer. The home is built to withstand 235mph winds which is important in this hurricane prone state. Compact fluorescents and LED lighting has been used. The LED lighting system won’t need bulbs changed for 50 years. The builder has the ability to add thermal water heating or solar energy if the home buyer chooses those over the traditional systems. The housing market in Florida is as depressed as it is in other parts of this country but this builder has a waiting list of buyers ready to build.

I invite you to take a look at your business to see whether it’s possible to add a green component to see whether you can profit from a green business.

Is A Green Business Profitable?
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