What You Need In Addition To A Good Reputation And Marketing Plan For Your Business


As I’ve stated many times, your reputation is the fuel makes everything work. This includes the marketing plan for your business but something else helps too.

Relationships Are That Final Ingredient

relationshipsA good relationship between you and your employees often leads to a good work environment that will make it easier for you to create a five star culture within your business.

This five star culture makes for happier employees and happier customers.

When you have happy employees they are going to be more inclined to provide good customer service and will be more willing to ask the customers they work with to leave a review online.

On the other hand, disgruntled employees can and often will sabotage your business in many ways.

Even if these unhappy employees do not directly do anything to sabotage your business, their bad attitude and dissatisfaction with their job will come through in their interactions with your customers.

Their dissatisfaction will often manifest itself as poor customer service and when a customer receives poor customer service many of them will leave a negative review for your business online and tell as many of their friends that will listen about the bad experience.

When you take the time to build a good relationship with your customers, it will be easier to figure out their wants and needs so that you can modify your product and service offerings to meet those wants and needs.

Every time you correctly anticipate what your customers want and need without them having to tell you, you will be increasing their loyalty and their opinion of your business.

People prefer to buy from people they know, like and trust instead of buying from a faceless big box store.

You live and work in their community and when you take the time to show them that you want to be an active part of the community and show a real desire to help them solve their problems they will reward you by giving you their business.

If you haven’t done so already, start building relationships with your customers so that you can grow your business.

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What You Need In Addition To A Good Reputation And Marketing Plan For Your Business

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