Build A Marketing Campaign Around Your Favorite Cause

You have a favorite cause that you’re passionate about so why not tie that to your business and help the cause while helping your business. See examples below.

The Wounded Warrior Project

charitable causeA major grocery chain in our area recently donated part of their profits from one day’s sales to this great cause.

The week before the day of the event they did the following:

  • issued a press release announcing their intentions
  • their intentions were also included in their weekly grocery ads
  • all of their television commercials for that week announced the intention
  • they actively promoted the event through all of their social media channels
  • they got the local TV stations to do an interview with the store manager about the event
  • and more

This grocery chain is not the dominant player in our market but you can bet that on the day of the event they had some customers come into the store that normally would not shop there.

These new customers were there to support the cause and not the grocery chain.

If the customer had a good experience, they may choose to give the chain another try on another day. Even if the customer chooses not to return, the chain got their business for one day, got a chance to generate a little goodwill with that customer and they got a chance to help a great cause.

Amputee Fundraisers

One of the chicken franchises has adopted the cause of helping a little girl that had her legs amputated after lawnmower accident.

This little girl was only two years old at the time of the accident so she’s going to need multiple sets of prosthetics over the years.

Multiple organizations have come together to help with her medical expenses and other things that the family needs to help their daughter live life to its fullest.

This chicken franchise has a fundraiser about once a year that is heavily promoted using many of the same methods that were used by the grocery chain.

During every fundraising event, they have customers waiting in line all day long to buy food and to meet the little girl and her family.

Both of these examples were of large corporations taking on causes and taking full advantage of them to market their business and generate goodwill within the community. It doesn’t matter if the cause that’s being supported is of local interest or national and it doesn’t matter if the business supporting the cause is a large corporation or a local business owner.

I’ve seen both local and national businesses support victims of fire, floods and other natural disasters. I’ve also seen businesses support such things as helping the homeless get back on their feet, wounded veterans get customized homes or vehicles, single parents get cars that they need to get to and from work instead of taking the bus and other great causes.

I’m sure you have one or more causes that are important to you.

Have you ever thought about using your business to raise money for the cause and use the combination to generate goodwill within the community while possibly growing your business because of the media exposure that you can gain if you promote your fundraising event ahead of time?

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Build A Marketing Campaign Around Your Favorite Cause

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