Do You And Your Customers Speak The Same Language?


Your business as well as every other business has its own terminology that is unique to the region or the industry. Do your customers know this terminology?

Business LanguageWhen plastic surgeons are talking to other plastic surgeons or people within that profession, they often refer to cases that they’ve done. These cases are the procedures done on their patients.

If you go to a dentist, an internal medicine doctor or doctors in other specialties, you will hear them all talk about their patients.

These medical professionals do not think his business people so they rarely, if ever, think of their patients as customers.

Patients are treated customers are billed.

Any consultant or product vendor that tries to sell anything to these medical professionals without using the appropriate lingo will be viewed as an outsider. The medical professional that you are talking to will consciously or subconsciously believe that you do not know and understand their industry or profession. In cases like this, you will not be viewed as an expert that can help them solve any problems they may have in their practice (business).

Patients are customers but by not speaking their language you are immediately presenting yourself as an outsider that cannot be trusted which means your chances of making the sale are slim to none.

Everyone likes to do business with someone they know, like and trust.

If you don’t take the time to learn their lingo, you will always be an outsider and outsiders are rarely trusted.

New employees have to be taught the lingo of the industry before experienced customers that know the lingo will trust them enough to allow them to help them find the product that they are seeking.

I don’t care if you’re selling auto-parts, airplanes or something in between, if you don’t know the language that savvy consumers use you don’t have a chance of making a personal connection with them which increases your chance of making the sale.

When a mechanic calls and requests an exhaust manifold for a 2012 Ford Mustang with a 5 Litre engine, he expects the person that’s answering the phone to know exactly what he’s talking about and to be able to quickly find out if they have it in stock, his cost, whether not to ask if he needs a gasket set to go with that and anything else that he may or may not be needed to get the car fixed and out of the shop as quickly as possible.

Most industries have multiple providers of almost any product or service so you’d better know the lingo used in your industry and in your locale or your phone will stop ringing and your competitors phone will start ringing.

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Do You And Your Customers Speak The Same Language?

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