Do You And Your Customers Speak The Same Language Part Two


In last week’s post, the language that I was referring to was mostly about the terminology that you & your customers use to describe your product or service.

This post was written to show you an example of a small business owner that gained the trust of one of his customers and opened up a whole new customer base by learning another language.

I’m talking about an auto mechanic that already spoke English and Spanish but he took the time to learn American Sign Language so that he could communicate more effectively with one of his deaf customers.

By using the language the customer knew and understood, he was able to more effectively communicate what repairs need to be made and why.

The customer had a better understanding of what was going to be done to his automobile, why it was being done and how much it was going to cost.

This helped him make a more informed decision and it also increased his trust in the mechanic because there was no language barrier in the way.

Since the mechanic took the time to learn the language spoken by his customer, how likely do you think it would be that that customer would share his positive experience with other drivers in the deaf community?

A lot of auto mechanics have trouble dumbing down what repairs have to be made and why to customers who speak English but they don’t know the terminology used by mechanics. Imagine the challenges that would be faced when trying to communicate the same information in Spanish or using sign language.

If you can successfully add another language to your repertoire, will instantly open up your business to a whole new customer base within your community.

The United States is probably the only country in the world where a large percentage of the population doesn’t speak at least two language.

It’s reaching the point where you will need to be able to speak both English and Spanish to successfully do business within the United States. I’m saying this because in some states the Spanish speaking population is close to surpassing the English speaking population within that state.

Do you think speaking another language would help you grow your current business?

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Do You And Your Customers Speak The Same Language Part Two

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