Your Business Is Constantly Changing Is Your Website?


As your business evolves, you have to edit signage in your store, in your marketing materials and in your advertising. Do you remember to include your website?

changesIt’s easy to see the things that you have to change in the real world because you look at them on a regular basis.

Your printed materials have a limited lifespan so it’s easy to make the changes that are needed on a regular basis.

You constantly monitor the advertising that you do off-line and either you, a member of your staff or a hired consultant monitors the advertising that you do online. The person responsible for monitoring your advertising should be aware of any changes that have to be made to keep the ads relevant to your business.

In your store, it’s easy to see signage that’s out of date, outdated price tags and any other item that is no longer current or relevant

The person in charge of your bookkeeping or management of your office should be aware of the changes that need to be made to your accounting system, stationary or other internal documents and they can often complete these changes in a timely manner.

Unfortunately, you and many other local marketers put up a website and then do very little, if anything, to maintain it or update it. It basically stays out there as a Digital Business card or brochure.

If you, an employee or a consultant doesn’t do anything to keep your website current in both technology and the content on the site, the search engines and visitors to your website will find information that is no longer relevant and this may harm your business.

Many local websites that was created two to five years ago or more were developed without a mobile friendly version because many of the searches being done at the time were being done from desktop computers.

The times have changed.

In many local niches, 50% to 60% of all local searches are done from mobile devices.

If your business website does not look good on a mobile device, two thirds of these people will leave and never return to do business with you.

Technology changes very quickly in the online world and not all local business owners have the time, skill or desire to keep up with what it takes to keep their website relevant.

Even if your technology is outdated, you need to take the time once or twice a year to do an audit of your website and the impact it has on your business. If the content is outdated, get it updated ASAP and if the technology is outdated evaluate whether or not it will be cost-effective to bring it up to par.

Depending upon how outdated your technology is, you may have to spend a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars but if your customer value is high enough can you afford not to spend the money to get the technology current?

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Your Business Is Constantly Changing Is Your Website?

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