You may or may not be using videos or audio in your business advertising and I hope to show you with this article why you might be leaving cash on the table.

I don’t know you or your business but I’m willing to bet the majority of your customers are under 60 with most being under 50. If this is the case, your customers grew up with television in addition to radio. To top that, the customers under 30, grew up with computers.

This customer base is used to hearing ads on the radio and watching them on television. The younger crowd grew up with multimedia ads on the computer.

Now that computers are so fast and a part of so many people’s lives, sites that host videos that are 10 minutes or less in length are popping up everywhere. YouTube is probably the best known and business owners are putting up product reviews, mini seminars, etc. to get viewers interested enough to visit their site.

If you are like me, you have little desire to place your mug in front of a camera to sell yourself or your business.

You don’t have to. Many of these marketers are using Power Point or similar software to make slides and they then use Movie Maker or other software to make the slideshow where they do a voice over. Another option is to outsource the video creation.

Videos have a tendency to create more trust and believability in prospects because they grew up in this medium and it is often their only source for news, information and entertainment.

Can you afford to ignore this inexpensive method of placing your business in front of a targeted audience in a medium they understand and trust? Videos are here to stay.

I learned the basics about marketing with videos by reading YouTube Traffic and I suggest you think about learning from this resource or another if you aren’t currently using videos as a means of online advertising.

Videos and Your Business

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