Are You Using Video Marketing In Your Business Yet?

If you aren’t using video marketing yet, the information in this article just might show you why you need to start including it as soon as possible.

video marketingThe presentation service SlideShare recently released their 2015 video marketing statistics report and this report had some statistics that any smart business owner would pay attention to and the numbers they revealed are:

  • 65% of executives visit a potential vendor’s website after watching a video—and 39% call the business.
  • 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after seeing a video about it.

Even though these numbers talk about executives, the results are equally impressive when your video is presented to consumers instead of other business owners.

In my article titled “Is Video Really THAT Important To Your Business?”, I talked about how you can do things with video that you just cannot easily do in an article, if you can do them at all.

Videos inherently have a higher level of trust from the viewer then you can get with readers of your articles.

If you had a choice of trusting a customer testimonial, would you trust a written testimonial from the customer more than if a customer got on camera and gave a video testimonial?

I think you and almost everyone else would immediately give the video testimonial more legitimacy and a higher level of trust because you can see the person that is making the testimonial.

You would either consciously or unconsciously use the tone of their voice, their body language and their words to determine the value of that testimonial.

With the written testimonial, you only have the words that were placed on paper to use to judge the validity of that testimonial.

Humans are visual creatures.

One reason that we are visual creatures is that everything that goes into your brain is interpreted as an image. We do not retain the text. We use some kind of image to represent the text that we see.

Every video that you produce for your business that is seen by a prospect or customer conveys a message that is retained much longer by the viewer than if they had read the message.

The stats put out by SlideShare also shows that the people that watch videos are often action takers.

Don’t you think that putting a marketing message that will be remembered and acted upon is worth the effort?

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Are You Using Video Marketing In Your Business Yet?

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