Reviews Are Good For Business And For You


You started getting reviews when you were in school and they should continue through your business life and your personal life. See why below.

In School

tests reviewsWhen you’re going to school, reviews take the form of tests. Every test that you took was given so the teacher could gauge how well you learned the content so that they could judge your progress.

If the class as a whole didn’t do well on a test, the teacher had to take a look at their teaching method to see where the students got lost and then decide how the teaching plan could be changed so the students could better absorb the material being taught.

These tests are also being used by many school administrators as one of the ways they are evaluating the effectiveness of the teacher.

Performance evaluations are good for both students and teachers because they let each see how they are progressing on their chosen path.

As An Employee

Some employers have systems in place so that employees are subjected to a performance review once or twice a year. You may have been subjected to one or more of these performance reviews when you were an employee before you became a business owner.

If the business owner sets their system up correctly, these reviews are not only used to let you know how well you did or didn’t do your job but also to let you know how your job affects the overall performance of the business.

A few employers have even gone so far as to put a system in place that allows customers to leave reviews for the employee or employees that took care of their needs.

Employees of these types of companies can more easily see how their job performance is being perceived by the public instead of just how their employer views their job performance.

As A Business

Your business needs to have a system in place that encourages your customers to leave reviews on local business directories about your business.

If you don’t have this customer feedback, how do you know that you are honestly meeting the needs and expectations of your customers?

Whether you know it or believe it, potential customers are deciding whether or not they are going to do business with you by the reviews that they find online about your business.

On average, these people read 10 reviews before deciding that they can trust you enough to do business with you.

Businesses with good online reviews that are consistently having new added to local directories by happy customers are seeing approximately 80% of their new customers deciding to do business with them just by reading the reviews online.

Do you have enough five star reviews online in local directories that you are getting 80% of your new business from your reviews?

Look below to see what your online review profile looks like.


Reviews Are Good For Business And For You

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