Get Creative On What You Do With Your Business Waste

Almost every business has waste or garbage and others might see that as something that is useful for them or others. This article has a few examples.

RV Manufacturing Waste

We manufactured RVs in the 1960s and there were three major types of waste that we generated on a regular basis and these were:

  • sawdust
  • scrap aluminum
  • scrap wood

Since we cut our own studs for the camper walls, the saw that was used generated massive amounts of sawdust. To make the work environment cleaner and safer, a vacuum system was put in place that sucked all of the sawdust into a giant hopper.

Instead of throwing the sawdust into the local landfill, my dad gave it to local farmers that used it on the floor of their barns to make beds for their animals and to soak up the waste they generated.

The sawdust could also be compressed and used as fuel in wood-burning heaters.

Our scrap aluminum was bailed and sold to recycling companies with the proceeds being divided amongst the employees that helped bail the scrap and for an employee Christmas party.

We had several artists that would take some of our scrap wood and use it for their various projects. If this option isn’t available to you, the wood could be run through a wood chipper and used to make flake board.

Home builders would have some of the same types of scrap that could be recycled by others or potentially turned into a revenue stream.

Grocery Stores And Restaurants

Grocery stores, restaurants and independent vendors that sell food items inherently have leftovers that cannot be sold.

A lot of this leftover food is still edible but it cannot legally be sold.

Instead of throwing it away, some of these business owners are making arrangements with agencies to feed the homeless to pick up and use this food within a matter of hours after it’s received.

Some of the services that distribute food to the homeless are unable to pick up these leftovers so third parties are getting involved to help expedite the delivery.

Unfortunately, there aren’t enough businesses of this type that are consciously working to get food to those that are hungry. As a result, about 30% of the food that is thrown into landfills is still edible if it’d gotten into the right hands in time.

Corporate Offices

Many corporations use many computers and they write these computers off on their taxes. Since these computers are written off on their taxes, the computers cannot be sold so a lot of companies just put them in the dumpster which is a waste of good electronics.

There should be a path where the government would allow these companies to get these depreciated out computers and other computer equipment to schools and other organizations that they can repurpose them and give them new life.

In addition to schools, there are many private and nonprofit organizations that help kids from all walks of life with their homework or other activities that could involve computer use.

Computer literacy is no longer a luxury for successful employment in good careers. These discarded electronics could help level the playing field for many kids.

Look at the waste your business generates to see if there’s a way that it can be repurposed into something useful. You may uncover a way to generate another source of revenue or a way to help future leaders grow.

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Get Creative On What You Do With Your Business Waste

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