Sometimes Firing A Customer Can Be Good For Business

Your business needs good customers and good customer reviews but sometimes you’ll get a customer that doesn’t understand their boundaries and needs to be fired.

your fired customerYou may work hard to attract the right type of customer but occasionally a bad seed will sneak in and over time they may exhibit one or more of the following behaviors:

  • they do not live up to their side of a contract
  • they always push the boundaries of the contract to see if they can get you to do more than you agreed to in the contract
  • they will constantly demand more of your time or the time of your staff members that are working with them on the project
  • they do not appreciate the value or the expertise that you are bringing to them and their business
  • they may be verbally abusive to you or your staff

Regardless of what a contract says, some types of customers feel that you and your business have become their personal slave just because they are paying you to provide a service.

People with this mentality will never value what you do for them because they feel that you and your company are below them in status.

When a good contract lays out exactly what their duties are and what your duties as a business are, there should be a very clear understanding of what each party should expect from the other.

The bad customer will usually understand the contract and the boundaries that were defined in it but they will choose to ignore it to make additional demands on you and your staff to see just how much they can get you to do for them without having to pay you any extra.

These customers will be a mental, physical and emotional drain on you and your staff.

Their demands and the stress that they cause will cost you time, money and peace of mind until you finally decide that the cost of having them as customers is too high to tolerate any longer.

As soon as you come to this realization, fire them as a customer and then get ready to be surprised at how much better you and your staff will feel and the positive effects that could be brought to your business.

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Sometimes Firing A Customer Can Be Good For Business

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