If Your Target Market Is Aged Between 18 And 34 You Need…

Every local business that has a customer base of adults between the ages of 18 & 34 needs that have a 5 star reputation online or they’ll parish. See why below.

A 2015 Local Consumer Review Survey revealed that 97% of consumers between the ages of 18 and 34 read online reviews to judge a local business before they make their buying decision.

Does your business have a 5 star online reputation that your target market can look at before they choose whether or not they’re going to do business with you or with one of your competitors?

Note: Most of your clientele and prospective clientele is carrying around Internet enabled smart phones that are used to read reviews, compare prices, to look for digital coupons, to look up store hours and to get directions to the businesses they choose to patronize.

If you don’t have what they are looking for when they are looking for it, don’t have a competitive price or don’t have an online reputation that meets their expectations when compared to your competitors, you just lost a sale without knowing it.

What if my clientele is older than 34?

Don’t consider yourself safe even if your clientele is older than 34. Many people 35 and older still carry and use smart phones to research products and businesses before they shop.

My sister is in her early 60s but she never does any shopping before picking up her iPhone to look for coupons, to compare prices between online retailers and local merchants, to read product reviews and to read reviews of local merchants that have prices comparable to their online counterparts.

We both have friends in their 70s and 80s they use either a smart phone or a tablet to do their research before they go shopping.

You need a mobile friendly website, competitive prices and a 5 star online reputation if you want your business to survive and thrive in the now global marketplace.

Even if your local competitors don’t have a better online reputation than you, many online competitors have already started building up their reputation.

Some of your customers and potential customers may be willing to overlook your lack of an online reputation so that they can get their products and services locally but the size of that customer pool is steadily shrinking.

Online retailers are consistently decreasing the delivery times and they are also making it easier to make product returns so the reasons to shop with a local merchant that cannot compete on reputation is slowly but steadily being eroded.

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If Your Target Market Is Aged Between 18 And 34 You Need…

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