What Does A Raw Egg And Your Online Business Reputation Have In Common?

Both are very fragile. Your online business reputation is one review away from having a bad reputation if the negative review is the latest. See why below.

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Your business reputation is prominently displayed by Google.

Almost everyone knows how easy it is to break open a raw egg but did you know that most local directories show the reviews in the order in which they are received. This means that your last review whether it’s positive or negative is going to be the first impression of potential customer has of your business.

Since your potential customers usually look at 6 to 10 online reviews before they make the decision on which business they’re going to patronize, having no reviews is almost as bad as having some bad reviews instead of 10 or more five star reviews.

Tip: You need a steady supply of reviews coming in so that potential customers will know that your current customers are still happy with your business.

Local business owners cannot build, manage and market their online reputation.

As a local business owner, you may be able to put systems in place that will help you build your reputation but there is no way that you will have the infrastructure or personnel capable of monitoring the 40 to 60 local directories that may have online reviews about your business.

If you did find a provider that can monitor these local directories for you, it’s highly unlikely that they will have the ability to market your reputation to your website, to your social media sites and to photo sharing sites.

Building Your Online Business Reputation

You need to develop a culture within your business that teaches your staff the importance of having a five star reputation and that every customer needs to be asked to leave feedback about their experience with your business.

There needs to be one or more feedback pages where the customer can either take a survey and then be asked to leave a review or where they can just take a survey.

The more feedback you get on how well you and your staff are meeting your customers’ needs the better you’ll be able to serve them.

As the number of five-star reviews that are left for you online grows, the percentage of new business you get from those reviews will also grow.

My business partner and I and several of our associates have multiple clients that are steadily growing the number of online reviews they are getting for us to market for them and they are seeing 80% or more of all of their new business coming directly from their online reviews.

Training Your Personnel On The Importance Of A Five Star Reputation Culture

Our team will help you and your staff learn the importance of having a five star online reputation so that you can attract the customers that you deserve.

Monitoring Online Local Directories

We understand how important it is for a local business to have their online directories monitored so we have hired the staff and put the systems in place that allow us to monitor most, if not all, of the local directories that are important to your business.

Managing Your Online Reviews

You can’t manage the online reviews that are posted about you if you don’t know they exist. Even if you know that they exist, do you know how to respond to them to properly manage them? A good consultant can help you with that language.

Marketing Your Online Reviews

Marketing your online reviews is a part of this whole process that helps you take a business asset (your online business reputation) and use it to grow your customer base. This business asset also increases the value of your company if you ever choose to sell it.

You can summarize everything that is been mentioned here by saying that you are building a business asset as you build a five star online reputation and it’s important to properly manage this business asset just like it is any other business asset.

This is one of the few business assets that you have, when properly monitored and managed, that can help your business grow larger and become more valuable over time.

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What Does A Raw Egg And Your Online Business Reputation Have In Common?

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