5 Ways You Can Rock Customer Service

Great customer service does not start with talking to the customer and what you do or don’t do can help your business grow or fail. Learn more below.

customer serviceHere are five ways to ensure that your customers have the best possible experience with your business:

  1. Quick and professional responses
  2. Streamline your business processes
  3. Reward staff
  4. Maximize customer experience
  5. Hire the best staff

Quicken Professional Responses

Quicken Professional responses does not refer to just your support center. This applies to many different areas of your business some of which are:

  • the telephone, website or instant messenger chat windows, social media messages (When a someone calls your business, the person answering the phone should identify themselves, answer the phone with a smile, be professional and courteous and know how to properly route the call to the right person.)
  • Your support center (A support center or desk is a must for every business so that it’s as easy as possible for someone to know how to register a complaint and have it addressed as quickly as possible. If you do this quickly, professionally and courteously, you may be able to turn a bad experience into a satisfied customer.) Customer feedback pages are great at helping you streamline the process.
  • Email or website contact form inquiries (Make sure the person or persons responsible for handling these inquiries has a set schedule to handle the responses. The longer it takes to respond to an inquiry or complaint the higher the chance will be that you will lose the sale or get a negative review from an unhappy customer.)

Streamline Your Business Processes

You’ll find your business will run much smoother, and more profitably, if you have systems in place where all you have to do is train any employee to follow the process in order to replicate the performance of another employee performing the same task.

When you have a process for every task within your company, your employees know what to expect when they are asked to perform a task that is not part of their normal routine.

These processes make it easier for any employee to make themselves more useful to you and your company in addition to making it easier for them to provide your customers with a smooth buying experience, service experience or outstanding customer service.

Reward Your Staff

Your budget may not allow you financially reward employees that perform at an exceptional level but there are other ways that you can reward them and acknowledge their contribution.

During staff meetings, you can read feedback that has been left by a customer about an employee’s outstanding service. This acknowledges that the employee did well not only in your eyes but in the eyes of the customer.

People are naturally competitive so pointing out one team member that did exceptionally well that week could ignite the competitive juices amongst other staff members so that they could get acknowledge at the next staff meeting.

Maximize Your Customer’s Experience

People that to come to your website or into your store deserve to have the most pleasant experience possible. People expect to find in deserve:

  • a website that looks good on any device
  • a website that is easy to navigate
  • a website that is easy to navigate
  • a website that doesn’t look like it hasn’t been touched for years
  • a website that makes it easy to find the information that they are seeking
  • a website that tells them how to get the most out of the product or service they have purchased or are thinking of buying
  • a website that tells them how they can purchase your product if it cannot be purchased directly from the website
  • a shopping cart that can be quickly and easily use to make a purchase if the product or service can be purchased online
  • a store that is laid out to the products are easy to find
  • a store that has a customer service desk that is easy to find
  • a store that has a customer service desk that is adequately staffed with knowledgeable people
  • a store that has knowledgeable and professional employees
  • a store that is easy to get to
  • a store that has a smooth buying process
  • a store that makes the customer service experience as pleasant as possible

Hire The Best That You Can Afford

As I stated earlier, you may have a tight budget so hire employees that are compatible with your personality type that are trainable and willing to grow with your company.

Be sure to remember these employees as you grow because the opportunity to reward them with raises or promotions may present themselves.

Employees that help you develop the processes that you use within your business and that grow with the company have the potential to be great managers.

Can you think of any additional ways to rock your customer service? If yes, please share them in the comment section below after you’ve shared this article with friends and colleagues.

5 Ways You Can Rock Customer Service

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