Protect Your Business Brand Like A…

You should protect your business brand like a mother protects her child. In this case, you cannot fear being seen as overprotective. See why below.

In the article Keeping Brand Promises, the author brought up Comcast and how their poor customer service was tied to their brand when one customer’s bad experience went viral on social media.

I’ve stated many times before that your reputation is part of your brand and the author of the above article did an excellent job of illustrating my point.

Customer Service And Your Brand

bad reviewsThis one customer’s bad experience may or may not be the only bad experience anyone has ever had with Comcast but the fact that it went viral and was seen by tens of thousands of people or more across multiple social media platforms and on television has forever linked Comcast to poor customer service.

Like it or not, how your business handles customer service affects your marketing.

Word-of-mouth advertising is the most powerful type of advertising that there is and it can be either positive or negative. (Hint: People with portly experiences are much more likely to post those experiences online than customers with positive experiences.)

You can choose to build a five star reputation and work hard to maintain it or you can put your head in the sand and let your customers spread your reputation and build it for you without your knowledge.

The path that you choose may decide whether your business grows or fails.

Your customer service desk is only one part of the customer service picture. Customer service is part of:

  • the receptionist answering the phone
  • the initial contact you have with a prospect
  • throughout the sales process
  • communication with the customer after a sale
  • social media interaction (Some consumers will use social media to praise or complain about your business instead of your customer service desk or local directories.)

You have the opportunity, ability and obligation to take control of your brand and influence the reputation that is tied to that brand and your business.

Your customers, your staff or you all have bad days and they sometimes collide with your business. How you handle a less-than-perfect experience can determine whether you’ve lost that customer and gained a tarnished reputation or whether you can do something to ease the pain from the bad experience and possibly retain the customer.

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Protect Your Business Brand Like A…

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