What Mobile Users Are Looking For From Local Businesses

When a mobile user types the name of your business into their phone they are often looking for very specific things. Some of the things they’re looking for are:

  • reviews about your business
  • directions to your business
  • your business hours
  • your business phone number
  • a way to buy the products or services that you sell
  • more information about your products or services

Reviews About Your Business

92% of prospective customers between the ages 18 and 34 will use your online reviews to decide whether or not they are going to do business with you and 82% of the prospective customers in any age group trust online reviews as much as they do recommendations from friends and family.

If your business isn’t currently actively seeking online reviews from your current customers, you are losing business to competitors that have 10 or more online reviews that are associated with a 5 star reputation.

On average, prospective customers read 6 to 10 third-party reviews before they make a buying decision.

Testimonials that are placed on your company website are not trusted as much as the third-party reviews that show up on Google, Yelp, Yahoo, etc.

Directions To Your Business

When a prospective customer wants directions to your business, they often want both the visual map and written directions.

It doesn’t make any difference if they start from the search engines or on your website they need to find what they want easily and quickly.

If they have to tap through several pages or do a lot of scrolling to find what they’re looking for, they may tap away and look for a competitor that has the information more easily accessible.

Your Business Hours

The days of the week and the hours of each day that you are open should be posted near the top of your mobile website.

If placing them near the top of the home page isn’t possible, make them no more than one tap away from the home page.

Your Business Phone Number

Prospective customers expect to find a local phone number that they can tap to call you. The toll-free number is often associated with a large corporation instead of a local business.

The harder you make it for them to call you the more likely it is that they will not do business with you.

The Ability To Make A Purchase From Their Mobile Device

Mobile users are getting more comfortable at making purchases directly from their mobile devices and many of them like to patronize businesses that make it easy to make a purchase from these devices.

Fast food restaurants are one example of a niche that needs to make ordering from the phone by adding to a virtual cart very easy but they aren’t the only niche that this would apply to.

More Information About Your Products Or Services

There are many times when a prospective customer may have seen your ads in print media, on television or even heard it on the radio and they want more information about what you were promoting before they call or visit your place of business.

If your website doesn’t display the information that they are seeking or if it doesn’t give tips on how to get the most out of your product or service, they may look elsewhere.

The reality is that today’s consumers are much more technically savvy and they like to do a lot of research before they talk to a salesperson.

Local business owners that have websites that look good on mobile devices, supply the most information about the product or service being researched, that make it easy to price a product or service, make it easy to make a purchase through the mobile device when feasible and have a great online reputation are the business that is most likely to get that customer.

Make sure your website and local business directory listings have the correct information, make sure that your website is mobile device friendly and make sure that you have a 5 star online reputation if you want to dominate your local niche.

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What Mobile Users Are Looking For From Local Businesses

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